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Avoid Office Building Rating Mistakes When Leasing Office Space

You have heard it said countless times that negotiating your new office lease under pressure is a bad idea. Moreover, you have spent some time researching the calculation that lets you figure out rentable square footage. That said, you are not out of the woods yet. You still need to avoid mistakes when leasing office… Read More »

Office Space Design to Lessen Attrition for Call Centers

When leasing office space for employees who will run your call center, look past the minimum square footage you need to allot per workstation. Since call centers are famous for their high rates of employee turnover, Call Center Operation places annual attrition at 26 percent for full-time workers and 33 percent for part-time operators, so… Read More »

Two Easy Office Space Design Tips To Cultivate Creativity Under Stress

Looming deadlines, changing client demands and hiccups in the project management setup create stress. Add to this the daily stresses every employee experiences, and before long the job at hand can seem overwhelming. Did you know that two office space design tips and tricks can foster a strong sense of creativity even during these stressful… Read More »

5 Office Space Leasing Tips for Small Business Tenants

Whether you have 10 or 100 employees, as a small business owner you know that finding the right space for your company is crucial for its continued success. There are many things to consider. That is where a good tenant rep comes in. Making sure you don’t miss anything crucial. Among those considerations there are… Read More »

Top 5 Workplace Strategies To Improve Job Performance

A happy workforce is a productive one. However, is it possible for the company’s management team to affect the overall happiness of its employees? Experts believe that there is a distinct correlation, which you might be able to benefit from with five specific workplace strategies to improve job performance. The 5 workplace strategies to improve… Read More »