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New Office

7 Key Factors When Choosing A New Office Space

Your office space isn’t just any other space–it’s the center of innovative ideas and the collective effort of your whole team. That being said, you should always be extra prudent when choosing a new office space.  Whether relocating or starting up, here are several things to consider when choosing a new office space for your… Read More »

Office Seat Cushion

3 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Buying an Office Seat Cushion

Are you thinking of getting a cushioned seat for your office chair? According to a recent poll of 51,869 people, persons aged 20 and up spent an average of 6.4 hours per day sitting, while those aged 12 to 19 spent 8.2 hours per day sitting. In addition to considering the ergonomics of a chair,… Read More »

office maintenance

5 Costly Office Maintenance Problems

Regardless if you’re a building manager, business owner, or company employee, a sudden office maintenance problem in your office is a huge headache. For one, it can introduce inconveniences that can distract, annoy, and ruin your day. Add to the fact that some of them can get very expensive. Even if you are in a… Read More »

office space

The Secret to a Well-kept Office Space

Many of us can agree that we become more productive when working in a clean and tidy office space. Not only does a neat workspace increase your motivation but it also is better for your mental health. A disorganized office has more distractions which disrupt your mental state of mind. These disruptions may be a… Read More »

Small Office Space

How to Make the Best Out Of a Small Office Space

We know how it feels to work in a small office space. It’s crowded and feels cramped, which makes it difficult to focus at work. Everyone has been there. You have a small office space, and you are running out of room to work in. There is barely any room for your desk, let alone… Read More »

Leasing Office Space

4 Professionals You Need on Your Side When Leasing Office Space

Leasing office space requires a lot of work. It is not easy. There are many things that need to be considered before choosing the best location for your business. Most businesses lease their space and need to deal with a commercial lease. While it is essential to select the best location that will benefit you… Read More »

Ink Jet Printer

5 Tools Everyone Needs in Their Office

Being a good employee is more than just about being good at what you do. It’s also about having the right tools and equipment that can help you be more productive. Especially if you work remotely either part or full time. As there are so many products you can invest in, which tools should you… Read More »

design a workplace

How To Design A Workplace Like A Professional Designer

Do you want to design a workplace or new office yourself? If you do, there are ways that you can design a workplace like a professional without having to spend “professional money” for it. When you design a workplace, your design should influence creativity and productivity in your employees. It should be a combination of… Read More »


Ways Businesses Reap Benefits of CPD

Optimal growth is the goal of everyone, and this applies to both personal and professional situations. For example, in a professional position, employees use continual professional development (CPD) to improve their skills and contribute to their growth. The best benefits of continuing professional development are seen in employees within a shared office environment. Teamwork, common… Read More »

office security

Ways To Improve Office Security

Working in an office has so many benefits. Being able to have your whole company together in a building or even on a single floor, that sense of community and camaraderie is hard to beat. However, a large office space, with numerous computers and other expensive pieces of office equipment can also become a target… Read More »

5 Useful Signage Solutions For Your Business

In today’s world, we are bombarded with logos and imagery left, right, and center. For your brick-and-mortar business to catch a customer’s attention as they pass by, you will definitely need a memorable and visually appealing form of advertisement with an effective logo (design logo online free here). It could be in the decorations in… Read More »