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Understanding Your HVAC System to Ensure Comfort in Your Office

If you want to stay comfortable in your office, you should have the right HVAC system. Learn how to understand your HVAC system and remain comfy. The comfort level in your office space directly affects productivity. After all, nobody likes working all day in an office that’s either too hot or too cold. HVAC stands… Read More »

office phones

Office Phones For Small Business: Tips When Buying

When it comes to office equipment and devices, office phone systems are critical. It’s crucial to choose the right office phone system from the right phone company, some like 8×8 even offer an integrated contact center, voice, team chat, meetings, and embeddable communications so your employees can interact easily without leaving their workstations, which maximizes… Read More »

5 Tips on How to Choose a Conference Call Provider

Choosing the right conference call provider is crucial for fast and efficient business meetings. The wrong provider could slow productivity and make you look unprofessional. Are you looking for your first conference call provider? Or searching for an upgrade to your current system? Research shows that 45% of all workplace meetings happen via conference calls,… Read More »

Improve Productivity! 8 Tips for Designing an Organized Office Space

Do you want a workplace that encourages your employees to be more productive? Here 8 creative tips for designing an organized office space. Do your employees have low productivity? Or do you believe that there’s still room to improve? Redesigning your office might be the key. Office design affects the productivity level of employees. However, this… Read More »


5 Things to Look for on the Resume of Potential Employees

Hiring takes time and money. You want to make the best choice the first time around. Here are five important things to look for on a resume. We all know how important relevant work experience and education are on a professional resume. But as an employer, do you know what else to look for on… Read More »