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Coworking Spaces

Demand For Co-Working Spaces Is Rising Again And Here Is Why

The co-working space industry is booming. In the past, these spaces were mainly used by freelancers and entrepreneurs. But now, a wider range of professionals are using them as they become more popular. Here are six reasons why the demand for co-working spaces is on the rise again. 1) The rise of the gig economy:… Read More »

The 3 C’s to Creating a Great Office Space Design

While there is more than just office space design and layout considerations to maximizing employee engagement, poorly designed office space can be a very negative factor that will directly affect the bottom line. The coworking  workplace concept may be a forerunner of the future work-styles, but it is today’s integration of three C’s in office… Read More »

Multi-Purpose Coworking in Seattle

Last Sunday I was out for walk in the Fremont district of Seattle after the Seahawks game. I came upon a new coworking space that I was unfamiliar with. So naturally, I went inside to look. What I found surprised me. Makerhaus is a multipurpose coworking space of the type I have never seen or… Read More »