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How Landlords Keep Office Building Garages Clean

Office Building GarageEver wonder what Landlords need to do to keep office building garages clean? Your office building parking garage is a potential breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and fungus. These contaminants will not only affect your employees’ health but also their productivity! Landlords  take steps to clean the garage, but what do they do? We’ll share some best practices in this article.

Pressure Washers

A pressure washer is a great way to clean the garage. It will remove all of the dirt, dust, and debris from the surface. There are 4 kinds of gun pressure washers that are the most common. They include electric, gas-powered, cold water, and hot water pressure washers.

The best one to use for cleaning those hard-to-get spots in a garage is the electric pressure washer. It is more affordable than the other types of pressure washers and it is easy to use. You just need to plug it into an outlet and you are ready to go. The electric pressure washer produces a high level of pressurized water that will quickly clean the surface.

There are also truck mounted pressure washing systems that are eco friendly. Some even bring in their own water and vacuum up 98% of it at the end of cleaning, to be recycled for future use. Of course, a gun pressure washer will still be needed for the hard-to-get places that a truck can’t get to.

Grime Seals

Grime seal is a great product for cleaning the garage floor. It will make it look new again and protect against further staining or damage to the surface. This type of floor coating can be applied both indoors and outside. You just have to apply one coat with a roller, allow time for drying, then apply another coat in the opposite direction with a brush. The grime seals are available in several different colors so you can choose what color looks best on your garage floor depending on whether it is near an entrance or not.

Floor Coating

Floor coating is another product that will protect the garage floor against damage. It is made of a petroleum-based material which means it has great adhesive power to adhere to concrete surfaces. Floor coatings are available in several different colors, textures, and finishes so you can choose what works best for your needs depending on whether there is an entrance or not. This type of coating also does not peel up like regular paint when exposed to weather conditions over time because it adheres very well between layers.

Garage Door Cleaning

The garage door is often one of the dirtiest parts of the garage. It can get dirty from all of the dust and debris that accumulates on it over time. To clean it, you will need a ladder, bucket, hose, and soft-bristled brush. The best way to clean it is to start at the top and work your way down. Be sure to rinse off the brush frequently so that the dirt does not accumulate on it. This will make it difficult to clean later on.

Floor Mats

Floor mats are great for keeping the garage clean. They will trap all of the dirt and debris that falls to the ground as cars come in and out of it through the garage door. The best way to use floor mats is at each entrance into the garage so that people can wipe their feet before entering. This will keep any excess dirt or pollutants outside, where they cannot damage your floors indoors. It also creates a barrier between dirty shoes coming inside versus just having them touch regular flooring surfaces directly without anything to protect them first.

Brush and Dust Mop

A brush and dust mop is a great way to clean the garage floor after pressure washing it. You can use them together or separately depending on what works best for your needs. If there are areas that need more attention than others, you may just want to focus on those with the dust mop first before moving on to other surfaces. The bristles of the brush will get into any grooves in between tiles so that all loose debris is removed from them too. Then when you switch over to using a dry dust mop, this will pick up anything left behind like dirt particles and small rocks in crevices where they could scratch certain spots if not properly cleaned out beforehand.

A clean office building parking garage will not only will keep employees happy and healthy, but also impact the impression clients have when they come to visit. When you are negotiating a lease, make sure and inquire about the garage cleaning schedule.

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Post-Covid Return to Work: Keeping Your Office Clean

Post-Covid Return to Work

It’s not hard to believe that you can get sick from your office! How many of us work in a building with dozens of other people? With so much going on in this covid-19 era and the potential for viruses to spread around, it is easy to catch something. We have all been there – feeling great one day and then feeling miserable the next. It might be tough to stay healthy when you’re at work, but there are a few things that will help keep those pesky illnesses away and have a safe post-Covid return to work.

Invest in Professional Cleaning Services

One way of keeping your office clean and have a safe post-Covid return to work is to invest in a professional cleaning service. We all know it’s essential to keep our homes clean, but most people forget about their office space being just as important. As highlighted by the team behind Sydney Covid cleaning services, professional cleaners have all the cleaning supplies necessary to keep your office clean, especially for the deadly coronavirus disease. They are also trained in handling dirty services and can do better than even the best office worker.

Professional cleaners will make sure every surface, nook, and cranny is clean, including the desk space that could be teeming with viruses waiting to attack you. Furthermore, if you have any special requests, such as high-level disinfecting or deodorizing for specific areas of your office, a professional cleaner can do that too.

Set a Welcome Station

Another way to ensure your office stays clean is by setting a welcome station for all employees. This will help you create the right environment from day one and train everyone to do their part to keep it that way. A good example would be to set up a booth with PPEs, including facemasks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. This way, employees will know how to stay healthy in the office when they walk in for work and have easy access to the PPEs they need.

Also, there should be guidelines posted around the office so everyone knows what they should and shouldn’t be doing. For example, you could have a sign that says “Please don’t cough on your hands” to remind employees about one of the most common ways germs are spread in an office setting.

Create an Infection Control Plan

A great way to keep your office clean in this COVID-19 era is by creating an infection control plan. Each workplace should have a written document that outlines how it will disinfect and prevent viruses from spreading around (or at least try). This includes things like what you would do if someone near you is coughing or sneezing, how to clean your desk area and phone each day, the proper way to wipe down surfaces before they are touched by others, etc.

When you do this, the employees in your office will feel more comfortable knowing that there is a plan of action to take regarding germs and viruses. If they know the steps, then their confidence level increases, leading to better job performance overall. This is important for those who are already sick and those with compromised immune systems.

Create a Healthy Workplace Culture

Our health is now more vital than ever in workplaces, and everyone must be mindful of this. In addition to creating an infection protection plan, employers should also work on building a healthy workplace culture that encourages employees to stay well and be proactive about their health at all times.

For example, if your office has a break room where people eat lunch together during the day, you might want to consider making it a “no-touch” zone. That way, employees are not tempted to touch the fridge or microwave with their hands and potentially spread germs around. You can also serve packed lunches instead of bringing in meals from restaurants that could spread germs.

Leverage Touchless Technology

Touching everything in our work environment has become a huge problem during the COVID-19 pandemic because it can spread viruses around quickly – even if you are not sick yet. Touchless cleaning products, high-tech appliances, and other devices that do not require hands are a way to keep the germs out.

For example, you can install touchless soap dispensers and hand dryers in your office bathroom that people will be able to use without touching anything with their hands. You can also consider touchless door locks, touchless water faucets, and other products to make the workplace a cleaner environment.

Follow Recommended Guidelines

COVID-19 has been a global pandemic, and as such, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have put together guidelines on how to stay clean during this time. Whether you are an employer or employee – you must follow the set recommendations so we can all remain healthy.

For example, employers should require employees to wash their hands after using the restroom and before eating lunch. They may also want to encourage people not to travel during COVID-19 outbreaks (if they can afford it) or at least avoid public transportation that could be full of germs. If you work in a large office, it’s best for anyone coughing and sneezing to stay home until they feel better.

It’s essential to take as many steps as possible to clean your office environment during this COVID-19 era. From creating an infection control plan and building a healthy workplace culture to leveraging touchless technology that will protect employees from germs, employers no longer have any excuses for not keeping their offices clean and have a safe post-Covid return to work.

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Choosing the Right Humidifier For Your Office

humidifier for your officeDo you need a humidifier for your office? Humidifiers are great way to clean the air and are a good option for using in the office to keep your employees healthy. There are many health benefits connected when you install these devices in your office. They balance the level of humidity in a room for more comfortable enviroment. But all the benefits can only be obtained when you consider using the best device. This is why you should consider the following information before buying your next humidifier.  Have in mind that these devices have various uses, and you must determine your reasons for buying them. Therefore, continue reading below and find the best humidifier according to your needs.

Look At The Brand

As mentioned above, there are so many brands when it comes to these Humidifiers. Therefore, you must research the best brand before you settle for one. Thousands of companies have been seen manufacturing these devices, and your investigation should start from this point. Look for humidifiers that reputable companies have manufactured. These companies should be offering their products for more than twenty years. These are trusted companies, and their products have been recommended by the people using them. Ask around, and find out about the best companies before buying their products.

The Type Of Humidifiers

Note that there are different types of humidifiers provided today. Each of them has a specific role when maintaining the level of humidity in a house. When determining the best type of humidifier, you should think of your needs. Since you can buy the device for different uses, you should get one that will offer you everything you need. Read about the types of devices found in the market and get the best. There are basically 5 types and you will find. They are: Ultrasonic Warm/Cool Mist, Ultrasonic Cool Mist, Evaporative Cool Mist, Air Washer, and Steam Vaporizer Warm Mist. The number of humidifiers manufactured each day makes it difficult to choose the best. Finding the best Cool Mist Humidifier might not be easy since there are many brands and types in the market. Make sure to take into account the size of the room. The size of the humidifier should be compatible with the volume of the room.

The Cost Of The Humidifier

Since there are different types of Cool Mist Humidifier in the market, the cost will be different. At this time, have a budget in mind and find an affordable device. At this point, you need to compare the price from different shops and online stores. One of the things used in determining the price of these devices is the quality and the size of the same. The shop selling the device can also determine the cost of the device. To make everything easy, consider shopping online since the prices and descriptions of the products have been posted for your understanding.

Choose The Best Shop

As mentioned above, there is an increase in the companies producing these Humidifiers. In the same way, there are also different shops selling these products. So, it is important to look for the best shop when buying a humidifier for your office. Make your work easier by shopping online. There is an online store selling the best humidifier that can offer you all the benefits you need. Read the description of the products to understand how important they are and how well they will serve you.  These are the basic information you should think of when buying a humidifier. Go for the best product if you want to enjoy some benefits from using them.  Check the best products at sites like

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What To Do If an Employee is Injured at Work

employee is InjuredInjuries at work are a common occurrence, and employers have a responsibility to make sure their injured employees get the medical attention they need. It’s important for businesses to follow certain procedures in order to protect themselves from fines or lawsuits that could arise when an employee is injured on the job.

In most cases, if your worker sustains an injury at work and is unable to continue working, you must report any workplace injury or illness within 24 hours of its happening. You can also be fined for failing to report such incidents. As long as the business has followed all necessary precautions when it comes to safety measures and training workers on how best to avoid injuries, then they’re unlikely going face legal action over this issue.

First thing you need to do when an employee is injured

First thing youshould do when an employee is Injured is to call for medical assistance and report the incident within 24 hours. Make sure that they feel comfortable and ensure that they don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed about the injury and if necessary, provide a change of clothes for them to wear home. If you want to contact their family, you can do so with their permission. You could also find out if there is anyone who should be contacted such as a partner or relative who might need to know about the accident (if they are injured badly).

The employee needs to have all necessary medical assessments by a doctor. You will also need to decide what kind of accommodation is needed for the employee. This could be anything from using different equipment or machinery to assigning another person temporarily to do the tasks of the injured employee. Also, it wouldn’t be bad to contact your company’s law firm and make sure you have a lawyer ready just in case anything happens. This way, if anyone tries to accuse you of anything, you and your company will be ready.

Make sure that you are complying with all federal, state, and local laws when it comes to workplace injuries

There are many regulations for this in each state and community. You will need to comply with them when you report the injury and when you’re assessing what to do in order to accommodate your injured employee. There are also laws about medical treatment and time off from work when an injury like this occurs.

You should make sure that you compensate the person who got hurt and if they can’t come back, find someone else who is able. This way, they don’t feel replaced quickly and it’s a transition for them slowly go back into work instead of feeling rushed or pressured.

As long as your company provides what your worker needs in order to get well again or go through whatever accommodation process they need to go through, then you won’t be facing any fines. It’s only if management doesn’t take the injury seriously and respond quickly that other actions can be taken against your company.

Furthermore, your working conditions must be a safe working environment. This means that if an employee is expected to run around a lot, for instance, there must be enough space and time allotted to make sure they don’t injure themselves because of overcrowding or busyness. The company needs to do whatever it takes to make the workplace safe even if it costs more money or requires more effort on their part.

Follow through with necessary paperwork

You must get all the necessary paperwork in order and make sure it gets to the right places.

The person who was injured needs to fill out accident forms. This should include the date, time, and severity of their injuries. You will need to fill out a few other forms in order for your company to be able to get help with paying any medical bills that may have come up because of this event.

Also, if there are any reports or work logs about the particular employee’s injury you’ll need them too so you can backtrack how it happened in case someone tries to sue you later on. These are all necessary steps when dealing with workplace accidents so make sure everything is done correctly by following all instructions given. Doing things at random could result in fines for your company – don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

If you do get sued

The injured person may sue your company depending on how serious their injury was or if they feel something could have been done about it beforehand (there must be proof though). Their family members could also try suing if they die from work-related injuries or get really sick.

If this does happen, it’s important to get a lawyer that specializes in workplace safety and knows what they’re doing when it comes to these kinds of cases. If you don’t do this, you could end up losing your company if there are multiple lawsuits coming your way all at once and the compensation is too high for you and your business to afford. Some court cases can drag on for years and if that happens, you need to be prepared for the costs of your lawyer, court fees, and other lawsuit-related expenses.

Be sure not to let any of this scare you or make you want to stop taking necessary precautions about injuries! Accidents can happen no matter how hard we work so make sure everyone has enough space and time to move around plus whatever else they need to keep themselves safe at work!

It is important that employers are aware of what to do when an employee sustains a workplace injury. The employer has the responsibility to report injuries, provide medical care for their injured worker, and bring in another person to replace them if they can’t come back. This alleviates any possible lawsuits against the company by ensuring that all steps have been taken following proper protocol after an injury occurs at work.  If you would like professional help with making sure your business complies with these laws or managing other aspects of it, you can always contact a business law attorney near you. We hope this article was helpful in providing information about what to do when an employee is injured in the workplace.

The best bet is to provide a safe workplace for your employees to help prevent injuries!

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Safety in the Workplace: How To Manage A Safe Working Space

Workplace safety team

Basic training and general safety knowledge are essential in the workplace, even for office workers, because you will never know what might happen in the future. As an employer, you should make sure to protect the welfare of your employees at all times. It will help if you put the health of your employees as the most critical element of your company.

It would be best to create a safe working environment that protects your workers from injuries and illnesses. Consequently, their welfare significantly improves productivity, quality, and at the same time, boosts employee morale. A safe and healthy working environment also produces greater work participation and inclusion. It increases job satisfaction, thus a higher probability of employee retention. So,  how do you create a safe space for your employees?

Start A Safety Committee Or Department.

When you are planning to improve your working environment, it will help if you establish a health and safety committee that would oversee the workplace’s safety. The committee should consist of employees from different departments, and they would meet at least once a month. They would discuss related safety topics, inspections, and statistics regarding safety and illnesses during the meeting.

Concerning this, it will always be better to be prepared at all times. Having regular company-wide meetings that talk about workplace safety or prevention can help your employees be more ready. It is also a great time to hear feedback since there may be instances that your safety committee is not aware of. Through this, it can help them realize what the employees are going through and feeling.

Partner With Outsourced Safety Management.

Since the primary goal in a safe environment is the health of your employees, it would be best to have experts work in this type of area. You will need committed and experienced professional people to make safety management more efficient and increase productivity. Aside from that, outsourcing also comes with lots of benefits.

Partnering with independent health and safety consultants will help you save more time and reduce costs from staffing. Hiring experts in this field will also reduce the risk to the welfare of your workers and your company. Additionally, you will also get to identify areas with higher risk and receive expert advice for better decision-making.

Train Your Employees.

Extensive training concerning safety, security, and health to prevent workplace injury is essential. Ensure that your employees are aware of the possible hazards they might encounter and how to protect themselves. You may also prepare a general safety orientation for your workers, especially for your future recruits, to help them be more knowledgeable about these hazards and how they can cope with them.

You can also take this chance to educate them about basic safety when natural phenomena like earthquakes or fire might arise. It would be best to make sure that you use your resources to guarantee that your employees are ready when emergencies occur.

Identify And Eliminate Potential Hazardous Materials.

One possible reason that causes a hazardous workplace environment can sometimes be a messy and unorganized workplace. Ensure that the workspace is clean, free from cluttered floors, and properly organized tools.  Tangled cords, large stocks of boxes, or even mislabeled equipment can cause unnecessary accidents. Ensure that potential dangers and problems are minimized to reduce the risk of the injuries of your employees.

You may also enhance information communication by establishing proper labels and signs to dangerous areas such as wet floors or places under construction. Labels are most important, especially with companies that deal with hazardous chemicals and the likes. You do not have to worry since you can easily make the signs and labels, but they should be visible and simple. Tools like this are excellent warnings and reminders for your workers.

Encourage Breaks And Rests.

To reduce the likelihood of stress, burnout, or overall fatigue from work, encouraging your employees to take breaks in between work will significantly help. Besides, breaks are an excellent way of improving the health of your employees.

More or less than five minutes of break is significant enough to help them ease muscle tension and stretch a little. This act can help in recovering from stress while working. What’s more, taking a break can also improve their performance. Furthermore, reduce the likelihood of severe health problems.

Establish An Approachable Safety Committee.

Approachable in a way that makes it easier for your workers to come to you when they have any health and safety concerns. Making your employees feel that they can confide in you and talk about their problems will help in reducing issues significantly. It will also help the safety committee identify different areas of concern.

Concerning this, appoint a reliable and empowered committee leader who can connect to the employees and address their concerns. They should communicate with them with an open mind and discern important information clearly while respecting their barriers.

Commit And Continually Improve Your System.

Above all, you should be able to commit to what you have started. Continue to review and investigate the illnesses and accidents that have happened in your company. Ensure that the hazard intervention has been refined every year or if it is still effective. Your organization must put great importance on safety and promote it all year round.

You and your committee can establish effective programs that can function for longer years. Then, you can evaluate its effectiveness and continually enhance what is needed. Do not skip regular meetings, and examine your goals and progress. You can never be too safe with too much preparation and prevention.


While safety is necessary, you can still creatively showcase a healthy and safe workplace without undermining its true importance. After all, handling the health and welfare of your workers is a highly vital responsibility. You can add a little fun that can also engage your employees that can assist them in retaining important safety information.

Again, you should commit to this duty and ensure that everyone is comfortable and can work productively. As an employer, it is also important that you call for experts to aid you in protecting your employees and offer a safe workplace for your employees. Make use of what you have to provide them with the highest security.

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Improving Your Employees Health (Part 2)

Employees Health

Benefits of Using a Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair to
Improve Employees Health

A little more on helping employees who sit all day stay healthy. For those working in a position where you must sit for lengthy periods of time, you’ve most likely experienced lower back and neck aches throughout the day. Back pain is a common condition, and there are several choices for back pain treatment on the market.

Lumbar pillows are one of the best choices. They are a popular and cost-effective option for many people who suffer from back discomfort. The following are six essential and scientifically established health benefits of using a lumbar cushion.

Muscle Relaxation

The number of individuals working at an office desk is increasing. The more time you spend sitting in a chair, the more likely you are to slouch. When you slouch, you put more strain on your back. A more severe scenario might result in muscular exhaustion, as your back muscles quickly wear out as a result of your persistent slump. Fortunately, the back support cushion is a one-of-a-kind design that may help you improve your posture. The pillow relieves the strain on your back muscles, allowing them to rest and recover swiftly and painlessly.

Pain Relief

Do you ever feel your back start hurting in the middle of the day? Instead of reaching for the aspirin the next time this happens, try reaching for a lumbar support pillow. Some types of back discomfort might be relieved quickly with these cushions.

When the muscles in your back overcompensate, they might clench up and spasm. This creates a shooting pain that radiates up and down your spine, usually starting in your shoulders or lower back. Even the least ergonomic office seats, using a lumbar support pillow behind your back can assist take some of the strain off those muscles and reduce spasms.

Maintain Your Spine’s Health

Your spine supports a large portion of your body weight and keeps you upright and moving throughout the day. However, day-to-day activities can place a lot of strain on your spine. It’s critical to look after it and offer it with tailored support. The lumbar support pillow for office chair is highly flexible, helping to support your spine without forcing it out of shape. They are available from internet retailers such as Everlasting Comfort and others.

Boost Your Posture

You may have worked out by now that lumbar support pillows can assist you in improving your posture when sitting at your desk or driving your car. But did you realize that these cushions might help you in the long run? Even when you’re not sitting, regularly utilizing a lumbar support cushion might help you improve your posture. Overcompensating for weak or tight muscles is a common cause of poor standing posture. If your back hurts, try tilting your hips backward to relieve some of the strain. However, if those muscles receive the support and rest they require the rest of the time, you may not need to compensate, allowing you to maintain a good posture at all times.

Circulation Enhancement

Your muscles get tight and stiff when you sit in one posture for an extended period. This can last into the night, disrupting your sleep and circulation. Stretching during the day can help relieve muscle stiffness, improve circulation, and help you sleep better. A good support cushion can also be beneficial. By appropriately dispersing your weight while you sit, the right cushion improves blood circulation. Circulation is beneficial to the entire body. It aids in reducing fatigue, stiffness, and cramping caused by prolonged sitting in one position. Back discomfort can be relieved and circulation improved by placing lumbar support cushions in the chairs you uses the most.

Very Efficient and Adaptable

The lumbar support cushion is built to support your entire backbone truly. The pillow will keep your neck and spine supported throughout the day, especially if you spend most of your time sitting at an office. In addition, you can also use it while seated, whether at work, in the kitchen, or while watching TV. As a result, the Lumbar pillow not only supports your backbone but also straightens and strengthens your spine over time, providing significant relief from back pain and other posture-related diseases.

Having a lumbar support pillow for your office chair, which you can get on one of our favorite  sites, Everlasting Comfort, is one of the best ways to relieve back discomfort caused by prolonged work sessions and sitting for long periods.

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Improving Your Employees Health (Part 1)

employee health

Sitting for long periods has been proved to be detrimental to one’s overall health. It has been linked to an increased risk of high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, hazardous blood glucose levels, sluggish blood circulation, colon cancer, obesity, lower back discomfort, cardiovascular illness, and even mortality. Given this information, it seems that standing or being active rather than sitting all day would be beneficial to your health. For many office workers, sitting all day is the only choice. How do you try to reduce these health concerns in the office in these situations? Ergonomic workstations are the answer. An ergonomic chair is tailored to a person’s size, workstation, and the jobs they perform. They provide more support and adjustability than traditional ones. The height, seat tilt, backrest tilt, backrest depth, and synchronization of the seat and backrest of a good ergonomic chair should all be adjustable. Here are some of the health benefits of using ergonomic workstations.

A Solution To Restlessness And Aching Legs

The most difficult challenge for most employees is typically the restlessness that comes with long days at the office. This stress is both emotional and physical, and it is generally caused by poor blood circulation and leg pains that make you want to move. Sitting is a constricting and unfavorable position that restricts blood flow. It prevents nutrition and oxygen from reaching the body’s essential organs and muscles, decreasing attentiveness and raising your risk of blood clots, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Employ the usage of a desk foot stool to avoid these issues. In addition to promoting circulation, a tiny footrest makes proper chair posture simpler and retains one’s seating position. For people of shorter stature, a chair may not be low enough to allow the legs to make stable, comfortable contact with the floor. A footrest is handy for people who are shorter than average. An ergonomic footrest helps keep the body in a good posture and stops the legs from dangling awkwardly. Leg discomfort, stiffness, and the development of varicose veins or blood clots are reduced when blood flow and circulation improve.

Prevents Neck Pain

Neck muscles are subjected to severe tension throughout the weekday. This strain can cause severe neck and shoulder discomfort, as well as cartilage loss between the vertebrae. An office desk chair with a decent headrest can assist support and place the head appropriately throughout the day. Headrests from outlets like Everlasting Comfort assist in relieving pressure on the muscles most impacted by the continual immobility required by computer work. The flexibility to adjust the headrest is critical for ensuring that all users are in the best possible working posture. Neck discomfort can also be relieved by raising monitors to just above eye level and rotating the neck around a bit every hour. Small head exercises and stretching the muscles and ligaments can help increase the range of motion in the neck. A healthy workstyle necessitates keeping the neck and shoulders engaged.

Your Employees Will Benefit From The Spinal Support

The pillar that supports your head and upper torso is your spine. This spinal column, a part shock absorber, and motor neuron highway must be maintained and sustained for long periods. The muscles that support the upper body might be worn down if you sit slouched or hunched over. To compensate for the imbalance, pressure is applied to the spine, compressing nerves and producing back discomfort. Tough and painful knots, as well as decreased mobility, are the result of poor spinal alignment. A well-designed ergonomic chair from a dealer like Everlasting Comfort has a backrest that fits the user’s form. Adequate lumbar support follows the natural curve of the spine and maintains a worker’s posture. Over the day, either a molded foam or mesh back will give both comfort and support. To guarantee the optimal ergonomic working position, height tilt adjustment and a seat sliding feature are essential. The ability to adjust the back of a work chair will benefit the user’s long-term physical health and productivity.

Everyone should realize that an ergonomic seat and desk foot stool isn’t the panaceas for all workplace health issues. They should be conscious of their posture when sitting, in addition to ergonomic adjustments at work. Even if you use an ergonomic chair, you will develop various issues if you recline your back. As a result, some form of physical activity or exercise is necessary.

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How to Encourage Employees to Return to the Office

Return to the OfficeThanks to the COVID-19 pandemic that caused most businesses to adopt remote working, most employees are reluctant to come back to the office. Some of the reasons for the reluctance include the flexibility and convenience of working from home and safety concerns. Therefore, if you plan on reopening your offices, you need to find a balance between the company’s needs and those of your workers to ensure a smooth transition. Here are a few tips that you can use to encourage employees to return to the office.

1. Employee Safety

One of the biggest challenges hindering employees to return to office is safety and health concerns. As the HR or management, you need to assure your staff that they can work from the office without putting their health at risk. To do this, put in place safety measures and policies to safeguard employee physical and mental health.

Some of the best practices to implement at the office include providing protective equipment like masks, thorough workplace sanitization, social distancing, and testing. As the management, ensure you communicate to your staff about how you intend to make the workplace safe. Doing so inspires trust and confidence from employees and makes coming back to the office less scary.

2. Have a Flexible Back-to-Office Strategy

Employees will be more receptive to the idea of coming back to the office when they are under no pressure to report to work. Therefore, come up with flexible guidelines on how your staff can get back to the office. You can decide to allow employees to work from the office for a few days of the week and then work remotely for the remaining days.

The best way to manage office re-entry is to involve the staff when coming up with the ground rules for getting back to work. Doing so not only makes them feel included and valued, but it also makes the whole exercise less pushy. By gradually reintroducing your staff back to the office, you ease employee anxiety and make it easy for them to acclimatize to the new working environment.

3. Organize Training to Upskill Employees

Most employees value career development and will be more excited coming back to work knowing they have opportunities to upskill and boost their financial security. As such, employee training programs at the workplace is an excellent incentive to encourage employees to get back to the office.  Besides fostering personal and professional development through upskilling, employee training programs allow your staff to find mentors.

While job-related upskilling courses such as coding classes for your IT team are great motivators, consider soft skills such as problem-solving and team building. It is advisable to make the training programs long-term to promote employee motivation and upward mobility.

4. Adapt Your Office Space to Match Employee Needs

One of the keys to achieving a successful employee return to the office is understanding that their needs may have changed when they were away. Some employees may be motivated to come to the office by the possibility of socializing, while others require a quiet working environment without the distractions of working from home. As such, you should adapt your workspaces to accommodate the different needs of your team and offer personalized experiences at work.

Consult your employees before opening up your offices on what they need so you can prepare adequately to meet their expectations. You can do this by sending out surveys and questionnaires to help you consider everyone when reimagining your office spaces. Your employees will be eager to get back to the office once they know their individual needs are well taken care of, and they can feel at home working from the office workspaces.

5. Promote Personal Connections among Employees

Reports show that 73% of employees working from home miss socializing with their colleagues. To encourage your staff to get back to working from the office, you need to capitalize on the need for human connection. You can do this by creating working spaces that encourage personal interactions and introducing activities requiring your staff to come together.

Since the office setup may limit the necessary connection your employees need, come up with creative and fun activities outside work hours. These include community service, going for picnics, scheduling alfresco lunches once in a while, and organizing games. By incorporating fun activities in your return-to-the-office strategy, you get to leverage the fear of missing out (FOMO) on those who are reluctant to come back to the office.

The Bottom Line

How you handle your company’s transition from remote to office working can make or break your employees’ morale, affecting your business productivity in the long run. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, the above tips can help encourage your employees to get back to the office. By listening to your employee’s needs and striving to provide them with the ideal working environment, you can achieve a successful transition back to the office.

Looking for an office for your employees to return to? Many companies had the fortune of getting out of their leases during the pandemic. Our local reps know the market, know the landlord and know what takes care of their buildings. Contact us if we can help! No obligation.

3 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Buying an Office Seat Cushion

Sync Your Home Office With Your Main OfficeAre you thinking of getting a cushioned seat for your office chair? According to a recent poll of 51,869 people, persons aged 20 and up spent an average of 6.4 hours per day sitting, while those aged 12 to 19 spent 8.2 hours per day sitting. In addition to considering the ergonomics of a chair, you should also consider a seat cushion. A paradox of choice arises from the large number of office seat cushions that all appear to be the same. Choosing a cushioned seat for your office chair isn’t rocket science, but it does require some research. Now that you know how important it is to select your cushion seat carefully, it is recommended that you should avoid the following blunders.

  • Choosing the Wrong Colors and Material

Horrible aesthetic decisions won’t make you sick, but they could make you feel abandoned. Perhaps the upholstery has a strange, off-kilter feel to it, or the color is unattractive to your workstation. These options will not make your seat cushion uncomfortable, but they may make you less want to sit. Evaluate your desk and sitting situation to avoid this difficulty. It’s a good idea to make a checklist before going shopping for a seat cushion so you can filter out the ones that aren’t right from the ones that are.

  • Preparation

When it comes to choosing the right office seat cushion for your chair, you’ll need to go through a lengthy decision-making process. However, once you’ve decided on the right cushion, don’t make the mistake of ordering it from sites such as Amazon and other retailers without carefully considering your current work setup and the exact measurements of the seat cushion you’re about to buy.

What is the width of the chair? How will the seat cushion fit in your workplace chair, for example? To summarize, attempt to consider every aspect of the relative arrangement of the seat cushion and the amount of room you have in your office chair to identify any possibly deal-breaking issues. Also, keep in mind that all seat cushions are rated based on weight, so it’s a good idea to pick a cushion seat that matches you in this regard as well.

  • Don’t Cut Corners

Some seat cushions for your office chair can be pretty pricey, so whatever you do, don’t try to save money by cutting corners. Keep in mind that the more expensive the seat cushion, the longer it can last, even up to 12 years for some. Remember that calculating the cost over 12 years and reducing it down to a monthly basis results in a improved perception for a high-quality office chair cushion.

If you buy a cheap office seat cushion, it may fall apart after a few years, so you may end up spending the same amount of money on numerous cushion seats over a decade as you would on one of the more expensive cushion seats.

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into buying an office seat cushion for your office chair online from places like Amazon and others, but avoiding the frequent mistakes listed above will ensure you obtain the best seat cushion for your office chair.

And if you need an office to go with the seat cushion and chair, we can help. Contact us today so we can show you how we can help you find the right office at the best price. No Obligation!





5 Costly Office Maintenance Problems

 office maintenanceRegardless if you’re a building manager, business owner, or company employee, a sudden office maintenance problem in your office is a huge headache. For one, it can introduce inconveniences that can distract, annoy, and ruin your day. Add to the fact that some of them can get very expensive. Even if you are in a fully service office where the landlord pays for maintenance, you should still be aware of these potential problems to ensure the smooth operation of your business.

Thankfully, you can avoid most office maintenance problems from happening if you’re aware of them and perform basic preventative measures. Below are some of the common ones.


Damage to your roofing can easily escalate to bigger problems. Some of them are the following:

  • Water damage
  • Mold growth
  • Breakdown of insulation material

To prevent roof damage, you should frequently inspect your roofing and gutters for any signs of wear and tear. When you see any damaged, broken, or missing shingles, immediately replace them. On the other hand, if you’re roofing is already eight to nine years old, you should get it inspected by professionals.

Also, remove any dirt and debris accumulating in your gutters since leaving them may cause water to stagnate. The stagnant water may cause damage to the gutter and your roofing system.

If you’re not confident to do these things, don’t hesitate to consider getting help from roofing contractor office space specialists.


Most people in your office will go crazy when your heating venting air conditioning (HVAC) stops working during a scorching summer day or a freezing winter night. And, of course, getting your HVAC repaired is an expensive and time consuming ordeal. 

To ensure that your HVAC won’t just give up on you, be sure to do the following:

  • Check any vent blockages: There are many reasons vents get blocked in offices. Some of them are employees taping them up, relocated pieces of furniture, and dirt accumulation.
  • Inspect filters and thermostats yourself: You need to rely on professionals to ensure that your office’s HVAC is in working order. However, getting yourself familiar with your HVAC and basic and routine checks, like checking your thermostats’ batteries, setting, and wiring, can help you save money by preventing yourself from unnecessarily calling a tech to come over just because you were unaware that a single battery was dead.


Universally, water damage is a costly problem. Aside from expensive repairs and renovations, it can also cause health problems in your office as it can encourage mold growth.

Fortunately, you can prevent water damage from happening by doing these simple steps:

  • Be vigilant of your utility bill: If your water bill increased for no good reason at all, there might be a leak in your plumbing.
  • Perform scheduled ocular inspections: Roaming around the office building can help you find any potential water damage disaster biding its time. Also, be extra observant during winter as it’s common for pipes to freeze during this season, which may lead to burst pipes and flooding.


One of the biggest challenges in offices is extending the life of all equipment and appliances. After all, accumulated maintenance, repairs, and replacements overheads can cost a company an arm and leg. Not to mention that discord between management and employees can easily happen once both parties don’t agree on what to do with problematic office equipment, like printers, copiers, and even refrigerators.

Unfortunately, most modern office equipment nowadays has a set lifespan. Since you can’t make your appliances and office machines last forever, what you can do is to at least make them operational until they’re near their end-of-life (EOL).

EOL is a stage in a product’s lifecycle that manufacturers stop producing parts, developing updates, and supporting owners. Most electronic products today have estimate lifespans of 10 years, which often coincides with their EOL.

Here are the steps you can take to prevent unexpected breakdowns of your appliances or unnecessary costly repairs:

  • Keep any documents, trinkets, and items needed for warranties intact.
  • Train users on how to properly use the machines and appliances according to the manual.
  • Set a strict policy about the consumption of food and beverages in the office.
  • Assign point persons who’ll perform periodic basic maintenance.

Floor Coverings

Regardless of the type of floor covering your office is using, it’s one of the most abused parts in your workplace. Replacing them is both a hassle and an expense you don’t want to incur. To ensure that your floor coverings can service you for a long time, do the following: 

  • Check appliances that contain or generate water. Some of the common ones are water dispensers, refrigerators, and dehumidifiers. They may be leaking water that may spread water damage on your floor coverings.
  • Replace iron and plastic caster wheels with rubber ones. However, be sure that you check the specs of the replacement wheels since some of them may break if the load exceeds their limits.


These are the most common office maintenance problems you can prevent to avoid suffering from business interruption and/or sudden costly repair expenses. In addition to saving money, it can also make the people working in your office happier and the business run smoother.

Looking for an office you do not need to worry about these maintenance issues? Our local reps know the market, know the landlord and know whw takes care of their buildings. Contact us if we can help! No obligation.