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Agile Workplace is Changing The Traditional Office Environment

Today the office workplace must be flexible enough to be able to quickly and easily adapt to change. These are important features of an agile workplace. It must be versatile and able to support individual ways of working. It’s a place that must be able to provide the opportunity for employees to do work wherever… Read More »

3 Tips For Organizing Your Office Workplace

When you started your business, you seemed to have plenty of office space. In fact, it felt like you even had room to grow. Now, perhaps it’s been five or ten years, and you’ve certainly grown, but it’s almost as if you’ve grown too much. You know that there are many tips out there to… Read More »

Re-Imaging the Office Workplace Into the Agile Workplace

Here is a great video on the changing office space workplace and the re-imaging of the office workplace that is in process. You will find it is 9 minutes well spent and is entertaining in addition to educational. It is a great overview of the emergence of the Agile Workplace and the changes that are… Read More »