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5 Tips for Achieving a Smooth Office Hoteling System Set-Up

Are you interested in finding out how to create an Agile Workplace and how to set-up an office hoteling or desk sharing reservation  system ? Are you concerned about how to make it all work? If so, you may want to read our five tips for putting an office hoteling system in place:

#1: Company-wide Organization

Keep in mind that a high degree of company-wide organization is essential when it comes to implementing an office hoteling system. Otherwise, your employees will spend more time familiarizing themselves with the space and locating crucial items than actually working. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that things like office filing systems are streamlined and centrally located.

#2: Forecasting Demand

Because running an office hoteling system is similar to overseeing a lodging property’s room division, you’ll need to become proficient at forecasting demand.  In the beginning, the best way to do that is to plan for high demand and overflow situations. Such planning may include establishing portable work stations and investing in extra wireless enabled lap tops.

#3: Reservations System

Of course it is also necessary that you set up an easy to understand reservation system. It should ideally be built with the principles of time management and fairness in mind. For example, you may want to allow employees to reserve 30 minute and one hour blocks of space at a time to allow for brief work sessions

#4: Central Contact System

Since it will be unlikely that everyone will be in the office at the same time, be sure to put a central contact system in place too. It will allow you to communicate effectively with your staff whether they are on or off site. The system may involve something as simple as a telephone number database or a computer PM service.

#5: Obtain Staff Buy In

Lastly, don’t forget to have several meetings before the office hoteling system’s implementation. It will give you a chance to ensure that all employees have bought into the concept and quickly address any concerns that some may have about the new system.

For more tips like these and help finding the right office hoteling location for your business, please Contact us. We can help get you started finding out about creating an Agile Workplace and how it might work for your company.

Current Trends in Office Space Planning

So, you are out looking for new office space rental or maybe you are renegotiating your office lease and want to make sure your space is as productive as possible. Here are a few of the current trends in office space planning:

  • High panel cubicles are out. Benches or open work areas are in.
  • Headphones have become the new office walls.
  • Areas for collaboration and huddle areas are encouraging team work.
  • Break rooms are open and central to the work space and located along windows, becoming gathering places.
  • Office hoteling is creating Agile Workplaces that allows multiple employees to share workspaces on an as needed basis.
  • The use of 3rd party outsourced office space is on the rise.
  • Home officing, in conjunction with the Agile Workplace,  is creating happier and more productive employees.
  • Management is moving out of their offices and into the open area.
  • Internal offices and conference rooms are moving off the window line to the interior walls to allow the natural light from exterior windows to permeate the work space.
  • Stand up workstations are becoming more popular for some areas to increase productivity.

The result is that office space requirements per person are dropping from over 200 square feet per person down to as low as 100 square feet per person. A major shift is occurring in the workplace The concept of work is shifting from the workplace as pieces of real estate to the office workplace as a facilitating bundle of services. Work is no longer a place, but a productive activity. Productivity is becoming the measure over the number of hours worked. Many of these office space planning trends are a result of this shift.