Monthly Archives: March 2016

6 Strategies to Prevent Noise Problems in Open Office Space Designs

Open office space designs are popular and have become the layout of choice for many businesses. By removing walls and visual barriers, many companies find that collaboration and productivity improve. Additionally, many open office layouts allow for an increase in natural lighting which can improve employee morale and assist in recruitment. Open floor plans can… Read More »

6 Reasons to Lease Green Commercial Real Estate

The green building market is growing at a rapid pace in the U.S., accounting for an estimated 20 percent of all new commercial construction. What’s more, commercial building owners worldwide are expected to invest $960 billion in making green improvements to their buildings between now and 2023. For commercial tenants, this means that there are… Read More »

3 Office Space Design Ideas for Productivity Enhancement

Should you opt for an open-plan office space or favor the private office and cubicle setup? When you are in charge of e office space design ideas for your company and productivity enhancement is of the essence, you may have to look for a mixed approach. There are three specific office space design ideas that… Read More »

Top 5 Office Space Leasing Tips to Maximize Work-Life Integration

In the past, the only notion of a home life that the employee would bring to work was a houseplant and a photo of the spouse. Back in those days, office space leasing tips were dominated with cost per square foot calculations and private office allocation. Yet today’s Millennials want nothing to do with this… Read More »

5 Benefits of Designing Office Space for Teamwork

There are many benefits to designing office space for teamwork. The design of your office can have a major impact on your employees and bottom line. If your office layout is spread out and employees are seated away from each other, they can’t easily communicate. Seating employees together can help them work better together. Here… Read More »