Monthly Archives: November 2015

Five benefits of a Green Office Space

There are many trends in the world of office space design, but one of the biggest trends in office design is the incorporation of green office space. It is an important trend and making your office space green will have several benefits on your business. Saving money: Green office spaces save energy and materials. This will… Read More »

Do You Allow Third Place Working For Your Employees?

Getting work done can be quite difficult if your workspace has distractions. People need a place where they can focus on the work they want to get done. Everyone has a different style of how they can be productive. Sometimes employees are extremely efficient while working in an office, while other people need a variety… Read More »

5 Low Cost Solutions For A Green Office Space

Not every company has the resources to build an entirely new, energy-efficient green office space. That does not mean that your business can’t go green. There are numerous affordable ways to make small changes that when added together with others doing the same, will make a big difference. Whether your business already has an office space… Read More »

Two Reasons Why Millennials in the Workplace Is Right For You

If you are looking at millennials in the workplace as a bit of a coin flip, think again. Trust us, it’s right for you, and here are a couple of reasons why. First: This is the most educated generation ever. Millennials generally hold a bachelor’s degree or higher; however, they graduated following the great recession… Read More »