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Five benefits of a Green Office Space

Green Office Space
There are many trends in the world of office space design, but one of the biggest trends in office design is the incorporation of green office space. It is an important trend and making your office space green will have several benefits on your business.

  1. Saving money: Green office spaces save energy and materials. This will save money for your business, that can be redirected somewhere else.
  2. Positive Environmental impact: It is the right thing to do. The world faces many threats, but one of the biggest threats is damage to the environment. Everyone must take action to save the environment. Creating a green office space will have a positive impact on the environment for years to come.
  3. Increased productivity: Productivity is critical to any business, and a green office space can help your workers become much more productive. A recent study found that workers are thirty percent more productive in a green environment than in a conventional workspace. This increased productivity is a difference maker for your business.
  4. Appealing to new employees: Many employees are looking for a company that cares about the environment; to be aligned with their core values. If you want to attract and keep top talent, then showing that you care about the environment will have a positive impact on your recruitment.
  5. Positive Public Relations: In addition to being the right thing to do, protecting the environment is very trendy now. Tapping into this excitement is a smart public relations move. Consider formulating a press release to go along with setting up a green office space. You will definitely see results from this press release.

The future of the office is in green office space design. If you want to ensure that your business is successful, then you must start following the principle of green design today. Contact us for more information on find a green office space for your company.

Find out more more at our Green Office Space web page and 5 Low Cost Solutions For A Green Office Space


Do You Allow Third Place Working For Your Employees?

Third Place WorkingGetting work done can be quite difficult if your workspace has distractions. People need a place where they can focus on the work they want to get done. Everyone has a different style of how they can be productive. Sometimes employees are extremely efficient while working in an office, while other people need a variety of different environment to work in. One of the most popular trends in workplace strategy is third place working.

Third place working is the act of working from somewhere other than your home or office. One popular place to participate in third place working is at a local coffee shop. Many workers find that they are able to focus when they have their favorite drink in their hand and they can take in the smell of fresh coffee. Another popular place to work is the library. The library is extremely quiet, and those that are working in research fields are likely to find the information available at the library to be extremely helpful. Sometimes it is just nice to get away from the office to get work done.

So, should your business be okay with third place working? Whether you know it or not, if you have employees, they are likely taking advantage of third place workplaces on occasion. How well it works for them depends on how much you, the boss, values productivity. Allowing third place working does not have to be a black and white decision.  If your company relies on employees being able to work with one another, then third place working may not be ideal all of the time. If your employees tend to work alone and getting the job done is priority #1, then you should encourage workers to work from wherever they can get the most work done and whenever they may choose to do it. It will also benefit employee engagement if they are allowed to be productive on their terms.  Before you establish a third place working policy at your company, you should balance your priorities so you know how much freedom you are willing to give your workers.

Flexible workplaces and Agile workplaces are extremely popular, and many businesses have flourished by allowing workers to be much more flexible. If we can help you with your office space needs, please Contact us to learn more about flexible workplaces.

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5 Low Cost Solutions For A Green Office Space

Green Office SpaceNot every company has the resources to build an entirely new, energy-efficient green office space. That does not mean that your business can’t go green. There are numerous affordable ways to make small changes that when added together with others doing the same, will make a big difference. Whether your business already has an office space or you are looking for a new home for your company, here are a few low-cost solutions for going green.

1. Know Your Carbon Footprint

The place to start your green initiative is with the right information. Customers and clients want to know what your business is doing to help the environment. Start by figuring out your carbon footprint with the EPA’s free carbon calculator.

2. Save Money By Using Less Electricity

Going green is about more than the environment. It saves you money, too. Turning off lights and computers overnight and on the weekends dramatically reduces your energy bill. Maximizing natural lighting is another way to cut back on artificial lights.

Switch to high-efficiency bulbs for those lights that you do use. The energy savings outweigh the initial price and reduce your impact on the environment.

3. Print Smart

Printers are incredibly wasteful. Do a little research into your printing services provider. Select companies that use sustainable methods and buy recycled paper only for your office.

Use email and electronic records to reduce your paper usage. Not only is this green, it is far more cost efficient than using USPS or printing. For notepads, encourage the use of scrap paper instead of office supplies.

4. Make Recycling Easy

The best way to encourage company recycling is to make it as easy as possible for your employees. Placing recycling bins by desks prevents laziness from getting in the way of your recycling goals.

5. Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies

Health benefits aside, using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies is another easy place to integrate green policies into your office. Buy eco-friendly cleaning agents and recycled paper cleaning products, or employ a cleaning company who shares these values.

Making big changes is hard. Taking these small steps puts your business and the world on the path to a cleaner, brighter future. For more information on finding a green office space near you, contact us.

Two Reasons Why Millennials in the Workplace Is Right For You

Millennials in the workplaceIf you are looking at millennials in the workplace as a bit of a coin flip, think again. Trust us, it’s right for you, and here are a couple of reasons why.

  • First: This is the most educated generation ever. Millennials generally hold a bachelor’s degree or higher; however, they graduated following the great recession so underemployment was pervasive in recent years. Employers are starting to see this as a boon rather than a problem. HR departments will see candidates that are college educated thirty-somethings in greater numbers than ever before. Harnessing their ability to bounce back from adversity while satisfying their need for a different set of “wants” than their parents will be the next big challenge for employers.
  • Second: Millennials believe that if they are going to make it, it is on them to create their own momentum. This attitude has turned some members of their cohort into tech entrepreneurs, starting their own businesses. Others have turned this attitude into “I can learn to do it myself. I will train myself.” This is a good thing for employers as it may mean that the pool of millennial candidates is not only college educated but interested in continuing to learn lifelong and career long. They will look to fresh ideas and new career paths. They will want career advancement with flexible schedules and unconventional work arrangements even more than previous generations. A business that can satisfy desires for advancement and flexibility may find company loyalty regaining a foothold with this generation.

If you are interested in finding a workplace that can satisfy the needs of the multi-generational workforce. We can help. Contact us today. We have local tenant reps located throughout the US and Canada who are well versed on the current needs of businesses in developing a workplace strategy that will help attract and retain employees.

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