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Great Metro Areas To Open An Office

The famous dictum is that when you see an opportunity, you go for it. With the advanced technology taking over and the improved economy and living standards; the deep-seated idea of running their own business and where to open an office has taken a new turn among business people. When considering where to open an… Read More »

Miami is the Gateway to Latin American Business Opportunity

For any established or developing businesses that wish to take part in the available bounty of the stabilizing economies of Latin America the smart choice in leasing is in great Miami office spaces. In a recent article in Forbes magazine, Alex Sanchez, president of the Florida Bankers Association said, “Miami is the unofficial capital of the hemisphere.”… Read More »

Miami Office Space Market Conditions

Nicknamed the “Capital of Latin America”, Miami is the second largest city in the United  States with a Spanish-speaking majority.  During the rise of Fidel Castro in Cuba (1959), many Cubans sought refuge in Miami, increasing the population.  Miami’s metropolitan population grew from one thousand to nearly five and a half million in the years… Read More »