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The Best Kept Secret to Renting Office Space

There is no doubt that renting office space is an extremely important business decision.  This will often be your clients’ very first impression of you and your company. It is also where your employees spend the majority of their time working. You want to make sure there are no problems. That is what the best… Read More »

The Importance of Flexible Workplaces

Flexible workplaces are important to the success of a business. Employees devote an average of 9 hours a day to their jobs and some many more than that. Why? To enhance their standard of living and fulfill their goals for life ( Employers want an office environment to maximize employee engagement, productivity and morale. Employers need… Read More »

Office Space Buzz Words for 2017? “Flexible Workplaces”

According to a recent blog post written by Cindy Krischer Goodman, and published by the Miami Herald, one of the biggest movements of 2017 is likely to be the continued rise of flexible workplaces. Fueled by the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 and powered by a workplace now heavily inhabited by millennials — a group… Read More »

Honest Office Space Virtual Tours? We Do That!

[panoembed]/VirtualTours/seattle/WorldTradeCenter/[/panoembed] Click Here to view in full screen (recommended) Interactive high definition 360-degree office space virtual tours are becoming more popular in the commercial rental industry. They provide an invaluable service to prospective tenants who want to ensure that buildings are a good fit before scheduling time consuming in-person walk-through tours. Virtual tours make it… Read More »

Great Metro Areas To Open An Office

The famous dictum is that when you see an opportunity, you go for it. With the advanced technology taking over and the improved economy and living standards; the deep-seated idea of running their own business and where to open an office has taken a new turn among business people. When considering where to open an… Read More »

Coworking Office Space Not Just For Small Businesses

According to a recent article from the San Francisco Chronicle, the notion of coworking office space isn’t just a consideration for small to medium sized businesses. The idea is catching on with large tech companies, as well. IBM and Microsoft using outside Coworking Office Space Companies such as IBM and Microsoft, which already have open… Read More »