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Office Space Design and Productivity

Your office space design can have a large impact on the overall productivity of the people who work there. It may seem odd at first, but design plays a big role in the overall psychology of a office. It can make a difference n employee engagement and turnover. Here ate a few tips to take… Read More »

Honolulu Office Space: A Hot Market?

Unfortunately, the air temperature is the only thing that is hot related to Honolulu office space. Although, according to our local OfficeFinder rep the Honolulu office space market is beginning to hold its own: “After two quarters of negative absorption, Honolulu’s office market registered slight positive absorption in the 4th quarter of 2013 to keep… Read More »

Houston Office Space: Hot Class A Submarkets

A recent report from JLL identified the 5 hottest Class A submarkets within the Houston Office Space Metro area. In addition, CBRE reports that office absorption growth has been steady in Houston. “IN TEN OF THE LAST ELEVEN QUARTERS, THE MARKET HAS SURPASSED THE 900,000 SQ. FT. NET ABSORPTION MARK, WITH SIX OF THOSE NINE… Read More »

Good Office Space Design Breeds Collaboration, Productivity, and Identity

Successful businesses owners ensure that their office space design facilitates the very collaboration and innovation necessary for their organizations to thrive. Savvy entrepreneurs understand the powerful influence that environment has on both human emotion and behavior; therefore, it is not at all surprising to discover that companies all over the world spend a great deal of… Read More »

3 Tips for Improving Employee Engagement

Employees are the lifeblood of a business. Many studies show that employee engagement will significantly increases productivity. Your employees are a substantial part of the success of your business. A motivated and engaged employee base is imperative. Here are 3 tips for improving employee engagement: 1. Clue your employees in to the big vision: Vision… Read More »

Standing Desks the Hottest Trend for the Healthy Workplace

“Sitting is Killing You” says LifeHacker. The infographic goes into detail about the health risks of sitting too much and suggests getting up and moving around the office more as a way to combat inactivity. A standing desk isn’t the only answer, but it sure helps in creating a healthy workplace. Standing Desk According to… Read More »

Latest Employment Data Good For Office Space Market

The NAR just released 10 Things to Know about the Latest Employment Data which included some good news for the office space market. “From the worst of the recent recession a few years ago, nearly 8 million jobs have been added. Recall, however, during the recession that 8 million jobs were shed. Not yet a… Read More »

Office Relocation Planner Guide: Part 1 Overview

Every year, hundreds of thousands of businesses across the country relocate their offices to new space.  Many have grown too large for their current space, while some companies are down-sizing to smaller, more cost efficient offices.  Still other businesses may be relocating to a new geographic area offering lower operations costs.  Whatever your particular reason… Read More »

Jones Lang LaSalle Pays OfficeFinder a HUGE Compliment

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) has paid OfficeFinder a HUGE compliment. OfficeFinder has been in operation online since 1995 with it’s registered trademark and we have worked hard to develop a well recognized brand. As we all know, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery” and JLL has gone to extremes when it comes to imitating… Read More »

Top 15 Mistakes Businesses Make When Leasing Office Space

Almost every business of any size has a need for leasing office space. It is not an easy task and can take a lot of time. There are lots of challenges and room for mistakes along the way. Here are our top 15 Mistakes Businesses Make When Leasing Office Space. They come from OfficeFinder office… Read More »