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Great Chicago Office Space: Feels Just Like—or Better Than—Home

When it comes to Chicago office space there are some unique offices that help in making employees stay engaged and feel like sticking around by making the workplace irresistible. Most of us have heard about Google’s slide, and imagined what our own offices would be like if they came with a game room. But what if your office came with perks even greater than a game room? Today we take a peek into a couple of extremely well-equipped great Chicago office space and imagine what it would be like to work in them.

Guaranteed Rate

The national headquarters for this successful residential mortgage company is conveniently located in North Center, and has everything you can think of to make an office feel like home—if your home was a very well-equipped place indeed. For starters, there’s a great rooftop with herb garden to relax in, complete with comfortable couches, fire pits, satellite radio and “yoga on the roof” classes. When you’ve completed your rooftop meeting schedule for the day, head downstairs to the fully equipped gym to take a fitness class or bike while watching the latest on HBO. If you pull a muscle at the gym (or spend too much time at your computer), there is a full-time masseuse available for getting the kinks out of your muscles. If you don’t feel well after all that exertion, stop by the office of the nurse practitioner for a quick checkup. Then you can finish up your day by checking out what the gourmet chef has to offer….  See and Read More>>


The headquarters for this dozen-year-old digital ad technology company is on W. Hubbard, and while it’s got the requisite exposed brick and bright colors, it’s also got a kitchen that makes you feel right at home, a yoga studio, and happy hours complete with karaoke. They also understand that the best work doesn’t happen in meetings; their large conference room is called the “bored room.” They have clearly created an ambiance which makes for happy employees, because Crain’s Chicago Business named Centro the best place to work for four  years (2011 – 2014) in a row.

Watch what makes a great place to work:

If you’re looking for great Chicago office space to call home, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help you create the perfect home-away-from-home for you and your staff.

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By: James Osgood

Innovating in Seattle Office Space

New, innovative businesses looking for Seattle office space sometimes are unable to get off the ground for the most old-fashioned of reasons. Leaders with innovative ideas are usually focused only on the ideas, rather than recognizing the importance of the nuts and bolts of setting up an office, paying the bills, and otherwise creating a container in which that innovative idea can grow and catch on. This is a large part of the reason why the McKinstry Innovation Center exists; its mix of established and newborn companies allows for cross-fertilization and the sharing of knowledge, and experience. Here are some additional reasons why the McKinstry Innovation Center is a great Seattle office space for the development of Clean Tech, Education, High Tech and Life Sciences innovation:

  • They have flexible Seattle office space, shared conference rooms of different sizes, and a fully equipped copying and production center (Also in Portland and Spokane)
  • They also have shop space for developing prototypes
  • They also have mock-up demonstration platforms which allow for testing those prototypes
  • You can develop your body as well as your product, with a wellness center that has both cardio and weights, lockers and showers
  • In addition to the usual kitchenette and coffee bar, they have a wine bar for those more casual conversations where much of the real sharing happens
  • They also have built into their campus other ways to relax, including a rooftop driving range to help you keep your edge for those important golf outings with potential investors. There is also a fireside grill and dining area
  • Official mentoring and consulting services are available for when the informal transfer of knowledge is not enough
  • As your company grows, it’s easy to expand your presence within the Innovation Center. You don’t have to go hunting for new office space as you become more successful

So if your grand idea concerns Clean Tech, Education, High Tech and Life Sciences innovation, the McKinstry Innovation Center would be a great resource. If you’ve got a great idea in another field, contact us today to learn what great office spaces we can find where you can grow and thrive!

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By: James Osgood

Manhattan Office Space – A Multitude of Neighborhoods to Choose From

While Manhattan is a relatively small Island at just under 34 square miles, it has over 55 neighborhoods, all of which you could locate your Manhattan office space. Each of those neighborhoods has it’s own “flavor.” In fact, in many of the neighborhoods you will find significantly different business cultures that could either help your businesses or, in some cases, even impede it. Make sure you understand what you are getting into. Deciding where to locate your office space in Manhattan can be a challenge. It is especially important to use the services of a local office tenant rep who really knows the areas you are interested in locating and can communicate their differences to you.

The three main neighborhoods are Upper Manhattan, Midtown, and Lower Manhattan. Within each of those there are numerous smaller neighborhoods. The map below show most of the neighborhoods in Manhattan.

Manhattan Office Space Neighborhoods

Manhattan Neighborhoods

The Manhattan office space market is the largest and most expensive in the US with over 430 million square feet of office space and rental rates in some areas over the $100 / square foot per year mark. To put that into perspective, the second largest metropolitan office market in the US is Chicago at just over one-half that size.

The markets that we get the most requests for assistance in are:
Grand Central
Lower Manhattan
Midtown Manhattan
Times Square
Wall Street / Financial District
To find out more information on those sub-markets, click on the links above.

If you would like more information about how we can help you, we would love to talk with you. Please contact us today.

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By: James Osgood

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Office Space in Dallas With Stellar Interiors

When it comes to office space in Dallas and the Fort Worth area, there are plenty of innovative architectural buildings to admire. What’s less often seen by the public are the innovative office space interiors in those buildings. Today we want to share with you some bright and interesting features of two great Dallas office spaces.

Publicis Dallas

This advertising and branding agency recognized the importance of collaboration in their industry and created a single, unified space that runs the entire length of the building, much of which is also three stories high. Light streams in from floor-to-ceiling windows, and window seats create ad-hoc workspaces for those who want to get closer to the light. Lamps are strategically placed for working on darker days or later hours.

For larger meetings and teaching moments, they’ve created a set of light oaken bleachers, while brainstorming and meetings take place in war-room “yurts.” Open workstations run the entire length of the office space, and an always-active “media tunnel” is the figurative backbone of the office, displaying live video feeds at all times. Recycled materials, eco-friendly paint and motion-sensor lights are some of the environmentally friendly aspects of this modern, energetic workspace. See their video about their office space.


This credit information company designed its workspace with opportunities for connection in mind. They created a central area, called the Experian Circle, and all hallways end there. There is an abundance of group seating areas, with couches, comfortable chairs, and curved seating banquettes to encourage casual conversations and informal meetings.

Light is a particular focus in Experian’s offices, since many of the work areas have no windows or natural light. To compensate, false windows, which double as seating nooks, were created with hidden light fixtures that mimic natural light. Recessed lighting also highlights the textures and various patterns and soft colors of the wall coverings and paint which brighten these gathering spaces.

See more on both of these interiors at The Coolest Offices in Dallas-Fort Worth

If you’re looking for innovative office space in Dallas, that make the most if light and interactive spaces, contact us today. We’d be happy to help!

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By: James Osgood