Monthly Archives: March 2014

Workplace Strategy: Inside Or Outside the Box?

Should your plan for your office be a “cube farm”, or should you let your employees be “free range”? The answer depends on your workplace strategy and environment. It’s a commonly held belief that cubicles of any height or space stifle productivity by isolating an employee from his or her coworkers. They are often seen as tiny,… Read More »

Is Now A Good Time to Buy Office Space?

Do you think you may be ready to buy office space for your business? If you’re looking to acquire office space for your business, you will need determine your needs before signing on the dotted line. If you are considering buying office space to house your business, you will need to have a clear vision… Read More »

Creating a Great Workplace: It’s More Than Perks and Unique Designs

Great workplaces offer environments that consistently attract, retain, — and most importantly — inspire and engage the best and brightest. Some large Silicon Valley type employers have created workplaces they feel are great workplaces based on unique architecture and quirky perks. They may provide on-site massages, Segways for building-to-building transportation, and other non-traditional perks that… Read More »

What Type of Office Space Will Be Right for Your Business?

As a business owner, you have plenty to worry about. The hiring process and employees, advertising and marketing, as well as the financial state of your company affairs are all major concerns for the typical business owner. One of the biggest problems you could run into is having an inadequate office space. Before you choose… Read More »

Workplace Productivity: 3 Simple Upgrades That Can Make A Big Difference

How do you achieve seamlessly integrated, highly functioning workplace productivity? From the bottom up. And we mean that literally. Here are 3 simple, often overlooked, office upgrades that can make a big difference in employee engagement as productivity. Office Chairs Think you’ve already got your office employees settled into the most comfortable chairs on the market?… Read More »

Why Use a Broker to Find Your New Office Space?

Any business-minded individual is looking for ways they can save money on their operational costs. Why give a cut to a commercial real estate broker when you know what you want?  You think it will cost you money for their services. You are mistaken. An experienced broker will get you many times the value of… Read More »