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Creating an Agile Workplace: Overview

An agile workplace is one that is constantly changing, adjusting and responding to organizational needs. Agility requires a dynamic relationship between employees, management, work and the workplace as well how work productivity gets measured. Many companies are now finding that in order to attract and retain the best and the brightest, they need to rethink… Read More »

The Latest Science Of Workplace Productivity

There is a whole branch of science devoted to getting things done. Workplace productivity studies have helped prove once and for all what some of the best workplace configurations are and why. Workplace productivity is something that can be enhanced and controlled as it turns out. Understanding the elements that can be controlled is what… Read More »

Workplace Productivity: 3 Simple Upgrades That Can Make A Big Difference

How do you achieve seamlessly integrated, highly functioning workplace productivity? From the bottom up. And we mean that literally. Here are 3 simple, often overlooked, office upgrades that can make a big difference in employee engagement as productivity. Office Chairs Think you’ve already got your office employees settled into the most comfortable chairs on the market?… Read More »

The Hawthorne Effect: Valuable Workplace Productivity Lessons

One of the most revolutionaries scientific studies ever conducted on the issue of workplace productivity took place in the 1920s, but still holds true today. The Hawthorne Effect is a business management discovery that initially focused on that initially focused on efficient use of office space by studying the effect of lighting on workplace productivity. Ultimately, the science… Read More »

Four Surprising Facts About Workplace Productivity

The average American spends at least one third of their time at work–that’s 40 hours per week. How much of that time is wasted on navigating poor workplace layouts, seeking inspiration for a project or finding the right equipment for a job. A recent online article by the Arts Institute explains just how important and effective… Read More »