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5 Keys to Finding a Great Tenant’s Office Leasing Broker

There are a lot of commercial real estate broker who will tell you how great they are at helping tenants find and lease office space. A tenant’s office leasing broker is known as an office tenant representative and plays a similar role as the buyer broker does in residential transactions. They represent your best interests… Read More »

3 Reasons to Lease Medical Office Space vs. Buy

Many practices own their office space, but it’s surprisingly common for them to choose rental or leasing options instead. Here are a few of the top reasons to look for to lease medical office space instead of buying it outright: There’s no need for a substantial down payment. Even for established practices, the need for… Read More »

Office Relocation Planning Guide: Relocating High Tech Equipment

An office relocation is an extremely complex task, and no component of this process is more challenging than moving your high tech equipment. You can hire a specialty technology mover, but they can be expensive. For those companies that wish to manage this task in-house, we offer a checklist with some sound advice for the… Read More »

2 Great Milwaukee Office Space Designs

Have you ever been in an office that you thought was incredibly well-designed with amazing features you wish you could have in yours? The truth is, it took some serious effort to get that office to look the way it does. A great office space design doesn’t just happen on its own. It requires a… Read More »

4 considerations in Leasing Medical Office Space in Non-Medical Offices

If you’re running a medical practice and decide for some reasons to relocate to a non-medical office building, then there are a few things that you and your landlord will need to clarify. This article discusses what you should consider before leasing medical office space. The medical practice industry is changing Over the past few… Read More »

Using Colors to Create a Feng Shui Office

Before you move into a new office space, deciding what colors to use for walls, furniture and accessories is important. Although it’s easiest to do, stark white walls and minimal decorating create a cold, institutional atmosphere. Instead, create a feng shui office to create a calm, welcoming environment that helps employees, clients or patients relax… Read More »

New Trends in Medical Offices

In a recent issue of Building Design + Construction magazine, senior editor Julie Higgenbotham outlined several ways that future medical offices will differ from typical medical offices of the 20th century. According to the article, the development model is shifting toward a leaner, greener and more digital medical facility. Architects and designers are eschewing typical… Read More »