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Why Coworking is Cool: Understanding the Reasons Behind Its Popularity

CoworkingIn recent years, coworking has been popular, especially among freelancers and small business owners who do not have the luxury of financial resources to afford their own office. That being said, the rest of this post will quickly tackle some of the reasons why people thrive in coworking space and why it will continue to be hot even in the years to come.

It Is Economical

 The practical cost of coworking is one of the reasons why it’s cool. With the rising costs of real estate, renting or building a big office is no longer feasible, especially for entrepreneurs who are just getting started. With this, a coworking space is the perfect alternative since you will be able to enjoy affordable rates. They have different packages that will suit varying needs and preferences. Also, because of the tight competition, a lot of providers are driving their prices down.

It Is Versatile

Another reason why coworking is cool is its flexibility. You will have different packages to choose from depending on what is it that you need. For instance at most coorking spaces you can rent shared desks or private offices. Many coworking spaces have packages that are available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You do not need to be tied to a long-term lease.

It Creates a Community

 In an article from Time about why coworking works, it has been noted that it is a space where members are encouraged to explore their shared interests. It is where you can meet like-minded individuals. It fosters collaboration and networking. It will also allow members to get out of their comfort zone. You will surely find new friends, as well as potential employers and employees. There are workshops and other events that will provide opportunities for growth. Being part of a community is surely better compared to working by yourself at home, especially for freelancers.

It Gives You More Control

 In a post from the Harvard Business Review that tackles the reasons why people thrive in a coworking space, one of the reasons cited is that it provides more control of your job. Many of these places are accessible round-the-clock. You can work at your own time and decide how long your breaks will be. You will not be tied to a strict company policy. You will have more freedom to be yourself. The autonomy that results from coworking in such a place will definitely have a huge impact on your productivity, and in turn, the quality of your outputs.

From the discussions above, we hope that you had an understanding of why coworking spaces are surfacing left and right. The trend is expected to continue through the years as more and more people look for economical alternatives to have a productive workspace without the need to spend a fortune.

How Coworking Office Space Boost Professional Success

coworking office spaceThe advantages that coworking office space has over traditional office spaces for employees or home offices for the self-employed far outweigh countless other options. But why is that? In this post, we will explore a few reasons why coworking office spaces boost professional success and help both individuals and teams thrive in their work.

  1. Greater Networking Opportunities: When a professional occupies a co-working space with other professionals from various industries, it immediately increases their network and their opportunity to make important contacts. For freelancers who spend the bulk of their time working from home or at the local cafe, they have far fewer chances of networking with new people on a daily basis. Coworking spaces have a built-in network of different professionals all ready to meet and grow new alliances and start new projects.
  2. Coworking Boosts Greater Productivity: There was a study done that showed that people who worked out with other people or in public at the gym as opposed to in their home performed much better physically and enjoyed an overall better workout. The same could be said about coworking. When a professional chooses a coworking space over their own home, they immediately minimize distractions such as the temptation to wander over to the fridge every half hour or have the TV playing in the background. When a freelancer is working among other freelancers, they will experience higher levels of focus and productivity.

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Flexible Workplaces: Just What the Entrepreneur Needs

Flexible workplacesStarting your own business is a bit like “leaving the path during a hike and creating a new trail through the woods,” explained Gearmunk founder and CEO, Erik Boles. “You might come up on an oasis” or you might find a cliff. According to a report in the Colorado Springs Business Journal, Boles is one of about 15 startups and 25 small businesses that has benefitted from the help of Epicentral Coworking, a flexible workplaces company that not only offers investment money to new businesses but also a downtown coworking space in which the company can take root. About seventy percent of new businesses fail, the report notes, and Epicentral’s aim is to give as many new businesses a leg up as possible.

Money isn’t the only issue that startups face, the report explains. Beyond that, it’s a lonely venture in which founders are in urgent need of community support. And that support is what flexible workplaces like coworking space or executive suites can provide. The CEO of Epicentral notes that many of the people working there will contract the services of others there, or even hire them as employees. Five major projects have resulted in the ability of the coworking startups to lend their expertise to each other.

In addition to the help from a community of other small businesses and startups, companies in coworking spaces or executive suites find flexibility in leasing — renting a desk or office space for a few hours a day or for weeks at a time instead of being tied to a long term lease such as a traditional office space would provide. And for some entrepreneurs, that’s just the kind of help that can make the difference between blooming and bombing.

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Going Green: Key Features of an Eco-Friendly Office Space

Target a green eco-frienldy office spaceWhether currently searching for new office space or seeking climate-friendly renovations for your current property, “green”  eco-friendly office space provides innovative solutions for greater productivity and employee well-being.  Although many companies and representatives may give the impression of being “earth-friendly” not every building automatically fits the strict parameters for a “green” office. Unlike traditional offices, “green” offices take full responsibility for their waste and environmental effect. These office also actively seek to minimize their carbon “footprint.”  As you seek a healthier, eco-smart workplace, consider these key features in green offices.


For an office to be truly “green,” it must carry strict certifications from organizations such as The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  This independent organization carefully grades buildings based on their infrastructure, resource efficiency, pollution output, and overall employee health.  Investing in an LEED-certified building provides a safe, sustainable environment to maximize workplace efficiency.

“Living” Infrastructure

Green offices are built with far more than simple wood and metal.  Sustainable offices recognize the value or bringing the “outdoors” inside with innovative features such as “living walls” and indoor gardens. Office plants and greenery provide natural air filtration, boosting employee health and well-being while also creating a more restful, natural atmosphere.

Rejuvenating Work Space

Green offices often stray from the traditional office “cubby”design.  Employees in green offices enjoy open office space with minimal segregation and walls.  These open offices allow greater use of natural light and air filtration without necessary walls and cramped work spaces.  Green offices such as  The American Society of Interior Designers employ “human-centric” floor plans that improve natural employee collaboration, creativity, and workplace moral.


Although green office space can be created nearly anywhere, these healthier, earth-friendly havens are often found in “ecodistricts,” designated areas that actively push sustainable energy and “green” principles.  Many cities, particularly in Washington, Colorado, and California are passionately supporting the creation of more ecodistricts with greater emphasis on clean public transportation and electric energy use. If looking for new office space, start your search in a clean, ecodistrict first.

Although creating a completely “green” office may appear challenging, creating a climate-friendly work space begins with small but meaningful changes anyone can make. Going green begins with managing your office’s power, water, and carbon output.

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