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Spend a Little More for Your Office Space for Lease?

Spending Money on your office leaseWhen you look for office space for lease, it’s really easy to just pick the cheapest option. Why not? Is that more expensive space really worth the price? In fact, it may actually be. Take a moment to consider that more expensive location. Here are a few benefits that you might find in a more expensive property, but not in the cheaper ones.


A business’ success depends heavily on its ability to connect to the outside word. Phone and internet connections, among other things, keep a business afloat. Look for an office space that not only offers this connectivity, but offers a modern, reliable version. For example, you might need at least three phone lines and a wireless network. Paying for this as part of the office will probably be much cheaper than trying to set up your own system. Make sure to find out what services are available before you sign the lease.

Amount of Office Space

A bigger office will almost always cost extra money, but it’s usually worth it. A reasonably sized office will help your staff to be more efficient. It will also help their mental health and make your customers feel better in general. Look for an office that is big enough to comfortably accommodate your current staff plus a couple more. A growing business hires employees all the time. It’s best to use an office that can easily handle that growth.


Location is surprisingly important. Find a space that your customers, as well as your employees, will have no trouble getting to. They’ll both thank you in their own way. What is the best location? If you have customers visiting, it is somewhere with good access. No customers? Where do your employees live. Make it easy for them to get there.

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The Importance of Natural Light in a Workplace

Natural light in a workplaceIf you are looking for new office space to house your workforce, put natural lighting high on your list of priorities. The positive commercial benefits of focusing on natural light in a workplace are becoming more widely known. Why not give your business an edge by jumping on this productivity pusher right away?

A happy, healthy workforce is something every company boss should strive for. Good morale is linked to higher productivity, greater employee engagement and lower rates of absenteeism, so ultimately it makes sense on both a human and economic level.

One of the simplest and most effective ways of improving staff morale and boosting productivity is introducing natural light in a workspace. On the surface it may seem that such a subtle change couldn’t possibly deliver results, but it is widely recognized that offices with good natural lighting resources have staff that are generally happier and more productive. Medical research related to natural light in a workplace has concluded that depressive symptoms and poor quality of sleep are increased in staff working in environments starved of natural light.

So what can be done to push up light levels in the office?

Start by checking simple stuff such as layout. Are there big filing cabinets or furnishings blocking light flow into the room? If so, adapt the layout to allow extra light in. Are offices along the windows blocking light from getting into the interior space? You might want to consider adding relights (interior windows) to allow light through.

Keep window treatments to a minimum and consider using streamlined options such as interior shutters to help control the amount of light that enters throughout the day. Sometimes strong sunlight on computer screens can be a nuisance, but when you install bespoke shutters this is no longer an issue. It is simple to measure and fit shutters suitable for all types and sizes of window, enabling you to actively manage light flow through the days and seasons.

Light shelves that direct natural lighting up toward the ceiling for it then to be reflected back down into the room, are another effective way offices can be illuminated. Alternatively, the installation of dimmer switches and sensors close to windows helps manage when electric lighting is used – shaving costs off power bills in the process.

If walls can’t be opened up for windows, consider fitting skylights or light tubes to harvest the light from overhead. Skylights spill more light into a room than a conventional window and can turn dark, uninspiring spaces into sun-filled dynamic offices. Light tubes can funnel natural light a considerable distance into awkward spaces.

Easy and simple decor tricks can be employed to give an office a lighter vibe. Paint walls with pale shades that reflect light. Keep furnishings scaled down so there is plenty of space to move around and the flow of the room is open and uncluttered. Consider using furniture made from Perspex or glass to maximize the sense of light and fluidity in the space. Mirrors installed in dark corners, corridors or alcoves can bounce light around, lifting the gloom and spreading an energized, upbeat ambiance.

Show your staff how much they are valued and appreciated by housing them in offices that press their feel-good buttons. Brighter, lighter conditions bring out the best in your staff so when you are scoping out new offices be sure to head towards the light…

A Flexible Workplace Encourages Creativity, Teamwork and Problem Solving

Flexible Workplace“It is so difficult these days to find good help,” used to be an adage that managers would utter with a sigh. Yet what happens if it is not the quality of the employee but the mediocrity of the workplace that results in the status quo? In response to this question, the creation of the flexible workplace now seeks to tap into the potential and talent of each employee.

Understanding the Breadth of Flexibility

You choose how flexible you want your business to be. A flexible workplace is not an all or nothing decision. If telecommuting full or part-time is a viable option, employees have an easier time balancing work and life. Doing so results in the formation of a partnership with your workers rather than a traditional employee-employer relationship. The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation cites data that attributes workplace flexibility to a workforce that exceeds expectations.

Employees like it and will work  harder and be more engaged to using all their skills and talents to maintain a flexible Workplace. You can choose to offer part-time or full-time flexibility depending on your preferences. Another option is a schedule that allows for flexible start and end times as well as condensed workweeks. You decide what works for you. Start out small then grow the program as you see success.

Realizing the Savings

Since you are no longer limited to a local labor force, you now have the option of actively recruiting employees based on talent. With today’s technology is does not matter where they reside. Whether it is in your area or across the country, these remote professionals easily add value to your organization. Of course, you also save money in the process.

  • Development costs. When hiring qualified workers who do not need to be trained in the basics, you save money on the training process.
  • Office costs. From IT savings over office supplies to office space, you save money because you do not have to equip an office or cubicle for every worker. Those who come into the office part-time or on staggered schedules may share work spaces.
  • Spatial restructuring. Leasing a new office space with the creation of co-working areas and shared office spaces in mind increases your likelihood of finding suitable accommodations in business hubs. Working with a tenant representative to evaluate potential savings is an excellent first step and may help to overcome objections from members of the management team.

Realizing the Benefits to You

In addition to pleasing employees, a flexible workplace is also an agile one. With no long term commitment to house remote employees, or even if you use some sort of office hotel program to schedule employee time in the office, you will have the flexibility to grow or contract as business need dictate. It is a win-win.

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4 Benefits of Having a Green Office Space

Target a green office spaceWhen people hear the phrase “going green,” they tend to think of what people do at home. However, office buildings are getting in on the environmentally friendly lifestyle as a way to cut costs, improve their reputations, and provide a better workplace for their employees. The following benefits of green office space are brought to you courtesy of Tree Hugger and one of our members, NYC Office Suites.

The Benefits of Green Office Space

Benefit #1: Lower Bills

Going green isn’t an inconvenience businesses suffer through to help the environment; it’s a way to save money. Windows that let in more natural light mean there’s less of a need to turn on overhead lamps. LED lights use less power, last longer, and overall are less expensive to use. Most green steps that an office space takes, from bringing in plants to recycling leftover lunch into compost, has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Benefit #2: Healthier Employees

A standard office is full of all kinds of health concerns, from unhealthy air in the ducts, to depressing color schemes that can suck the life out of a day. Going green can help alter the atmosphere, and keep everyone healthy. Office plants, particularly if they’re abundant, can trap contaminants from the air, and keep moisture flowing. Flowers can add a touch of perfume, and the bright colors can have a positive effect on workers’ moods. While putting hanging tomato plants up might seem a little silly, there’s nothing quite like plucking a snack from your hanging planter while you’re going through quarterly returns.

Benefit #3: Increased Productivity

Green office spaces have shown, when compared to their less-green brethren, increased productivity from employees. There’s just something about working in a green office space that helps lubricate the mind, and keep results going strong. Employers know this, and it’s why more and more of them are getting onto the green office space bandwagon as a way to get the best possible performance out of their work forces.

Benefit #4: Positive Company Image

Not only do the younger generations of employees take green office space into consideration when selecting their employers, but clients appreciate the efforts you make in going green. Your company will be perceived as on the leading edge. After all, we all want to make sure that we live and work in a safe environment and going green is a step in that direction. It is the “right thing to do.”

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