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Is Third Place Working Right For Your Company?

Third Place WorkingThird Place Working is a new concept when it comes to office space design and the way businesses and developers develop their office space. It is new and innovative and many companies find third place working to increase productivity among their employees. In this day and age of being able to work from anywhere at any time, third place workspaces can be a valuable addition in designing office space to keep employees happy, productive and engaged.

What is Third Place Working?

Third place working offers a casual coffee shop-type feel within an office campus or development. It provides a flexible, relaxed work environment. It’s not the home -” first place”-and it’s not your office- “second place”, but a comfortable and convenient space built for business. It provides employees with a neutral place where they may work with other employees or even meet with clients.  It feels more like a coffee shop or cafe rather than an extension of the office.

Why does it work?

Many companies are finding that by providing a space where employees can relax and work undisturbed, they are more productive. For years, many have worked remotely from coffee shops. Providing the conveniences of the office with the relaxed environment of a coffee shop on campus is improving productivity for many businesses. Many employees find their work day has fewer interruptions by working in a third place. It can also be a place for casual interaction, collaboration and team building.

What are the benefits?

In a day and age when many employees are able to work from home, some still find it unproductive to do so. The distractions at home can limit productivity, so many find cafe’s or coffee shops instead. Dealing with slow internet and no printers, however, may drive employees back to the office. Campuses or office developments that provide a third place, allows for all the amenities of both home and office. Employees benefit by having all the conveniences of work, but the relaxed environment they may be seeking at home. A third place also provides a social climate in the workspace, allowing employees to foster positive work relationships with other employees. This benefits companies when group projects require cooperation among team members.

The need for providing a third place is becoming more popular. If you would like help in locating a space that may fit your company’s needs to provide a third place workspace for your employees, please contact us. We specialize in representing businesses looking for office space and we help with entire process, even space design. There is no cost to the service and you end up with a professional on your side who understands both the market and the entire process.

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Benefits of Flexible Workplaces

Flexible WorkspacesThe idea of flexible workplaces began in the 1980s, when business centers developed. Regus, the worlds largest provider of flexible workplaces was founded in 1989. Overt time the idea of a flexible work environment has changed and expanded to allow for unique arrangements that now include coworking spaces, agile office space as well as many other options. Because there are so many good options available to businesses today, companies that aren’t interested in a traditional office can still get great space that works for them, their clients, and their budget.

For our purposes here, we will focus on the flexible workspace options for companies looking for smaller amounts of office space, whether small companies or branches of larger ones. For them, flexible workplaces provide the opportunity for  to have all the resources they need, but they will pay significantly less than they would with a more traditional office space. Much of that is related to the services, furniture and equipment that are included in the cost. These workplaces offer private and public space, copy machines, desks, conference rooms, and even a receptionist. They can allow very small companies to appear bigger and more established to prospective clients, without the significant costs associated with a long-term lease on a traditional office space and the hiring of more staff.

An additional benefit is in the length of lease terms required. Most traditional office space will require a 3 to 5 year lease commitment. Many of the flexible workplaces available are on annual renewal plans and many will even go on a month to month basis. This provides the flexibility of fast growing companies to move quickly to take advantage of business opportunities and obtain space as needed, without long term commitments.

Flexible workplaces are generally located in prime locations. Traditional office space in prime locations is usually extremely costly, and that can keep newer or smaller companies from being able to lease in their preferred area. With flexible options, companies can lease office space on a short-term agreement, move if it doesn’t work for them, and avoid being forced to locate their company in a sub-prime location due to costs and availability.

The number of flexible office and workplace options available throughout the world is on the rise, so companies have more options today than ever before. When you contact us, you’ll be taking the first step toward finding a flexible workplace that can help your company maximize its abilities, and its value to clients.

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A Video Tour of Facebook HQ with Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg just posted a Facebook video showing us their new office space and telling us why they designed it as they did. The Facebook HQ office space is mostly open with desks spattered through-out, including his own. No private office for Mark… One thing I noticed was that the noise level was very low. Most likely due to the fact that the ceilings are exceptionally high, allowing the noise to move upward.  This open are design is more or less the standard for high tech companies to allow for team building and collaboration. Facebook is no exceptions. I personally like the feel of the space. Thanks for sharing Mark.Facebook office space

Millennials in the Workplace: This Isn’t Your Father’s Office

Millennials in the workplaceThe generation born after 1980, referred to as Millennials, have a completely different view of career and family life than their predecessors. They have just become the majority of the workforce in the US. Their shift in thinking creates a unique opportunity for companies of all sizes. With increasingly sophisticated employees who are not willing to settle for the status quo, it’s vital that companies change and adapt, or they risk losing their most valuable asset. But, what, exactly, do Millennials in the Workplace want? It’s not what you may expect from a tech savvy group of young workers. In fact, some of their demands might surprise you.

Work and Family Balance

According to research performed by Bentley University, both male and female Millennials are more interested in striking a balance between their work and family time than previous generations. They are not willing to sacrifice time with children, spouses and other loved ones to climb the corporate ladder. In addition, round three-quarters of men and women say they are not willing to jeopardize their personal values in the name of their careers. Millennials also value both maternity and paternity leave, citing it as one of their top concerns. Employers that are sensitive and responsive to this need are more likely to retain talent than those that aren’t.

Workplace Relationships

This segment of the workforce places a premium on the atmosphere of their workplace. Collaborative, mutually respectful, and appreciative environments attract and retain them. They also have a strong need to be a valuable member of the team, but it’s not all about personal recognition. In fact, around 84 percent of Millennials have the desire to make a positive impact on the world around them through their work. Most of these younger workers are not willing to deal with unpleasant situations, disrespect or other dramas in the workplace simply to advance their careers. They are quick to change employers should the circumstances become too difficult.

Career Advancement Timeline

For past generations, the goal was to get your foot in the door of a company, start at ground level and work your way up the ladder as quickly as possible. It was considered a badge of honor, something to aspire to. For this generation, however, it’s not as important to race to the finish line. In fact, most prefer the option to slowly work their way towards higher levels within the company or industry. Therefore, it is a wise move for companies to offer multiple, individualized paths to leadership positions in their workforce. The reality is, however, that over a third of Millennials simply are not interested in leadership roles because it takes time and energy away from their families.

Millennials, while fully aware of the need to secure and retain a well-paid position with a solid company, are not willing to sacrifice much. They demand a workplace that allows them to learn, grow and prosper without taking a moment away from their family lives. If you’d like more information about Millennials in the workplace, or if you have thoughts to share, contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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Tips for Choosing Office Space For Attracting And Retaining Employees

ChoicesChoosing office space is an exciting and often challenging process for most business owners. Not only do you want a space that helps improve your business image, but you will also want a space that contributes to employee satisfaction and productivity.

Considering that an employee spends on average over one-third of their day at the office, a  poorly designed office space can affect morale, productivity, creativity, and overall job satisfaction. When potential candidates enter your workplace, they are taking the environment into consideration. Research has shown that various types of workspaces in an office environment can help improve worker productivity. Therefore, choosing an office space for employees is essential for attracting and retaining great talent. Here are a few ideas of how to do so.


Collaboration is a key element to the success of most businesses. It is also the centerpiece of an agile workplace; a workplace that can change as business needs dictate. Designing your space to encourage collaboration, while still allowing for space that provides privacy and focus can be a challenge. It has become more the norm than the exception. The good news is that most of these spaces are generally open areas with only a small portion of the entire space enclosed. This will mean you can rent less space than you might otherwise, saving up to 40%.

Employee Commute Time

Also when choosing office space, take into account the commute time for your employees. A centralized location is a good idea. Over time, long commutes can have an impact on employee satisfaction. you may also want to even consider flexible working, also a key to an agile workplace, to allow employees to work when and where they choose. Studies have shown employees appreciate this option and happy employees generally mean more engaged and productive employees. You can find average commute times on many of our local office market overviews. Obviously, your goal would be to be under that average for your area.

Diverse Work Environment

You may want to consider an office space that allows for a diverse work environment. Many employees appreciate having a choice of workspaces in the office. Open workspaces help develop professional bonds between employees and managers. This can lead to increased brainstorming sessions and provide a boost in creativity. Personalization of workplaces should not only be allowed, but encouraged (with reason). Let your employees take ownership of the space they occupy. They will be happier and more productive

As you can see, designing and choosing office space for your business requires a bit of effort. However, it is well worth it in the long run for attracting and retaining talented employees.

Contact us today. We can help you find the right office space at the best price. Our services are free, It is a no lose proposition for you.

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3 Factors to Consider When Leasing Office Space

Leasing office space involves more than just thinking about location, price, and size.

leasing office space strategyYou have to find a space that meets those needs, but there are also many other considerations that you must factor into your decision so you can avoid mistakes when leasing office space. A good tenant representative, like the ones we have at OfficeFinder, will ensure that you take these, as well as many other considerations into account when leasing office space for your company.

Parking Availability

Parking at some office buildings can be sparse for clients and visitors because the parking lots or garages are filled with employees from the various tenant companies within the building or surrounding area. When you are considering an office space, make sure that you inquire about the parking availability not only for employees, but your visitors too. Most visitors would like to avoid paying for parking when they come to visit you. See if you can negotiate some parking vouchers to alleviate the cost to visitors. Employees don’t like to pay for parking either. A good idea is to lease office space near convenient public transportation to give employees an option other than having to pay for parking.

Security Availability

Companies that are searching for office space want a place that is safe and secure. Some office buildings offer security for the tenants in the building. It is vital that you discuss how the security personnel will interact with your employees and visitors. You should also find out how security personnel will react if there is an incident in the building. Check out the crime rate in the area to make sure you are not moving into a nightmare.

Access Availability

If your business operates during non-traditional hours, you will need to find a building that will allow access during those hours. Some office buildings might lock entrances during certain times. Some may still allow you access, but not visitors. If you plan on doing business during those times, you must consider other options. You don’t want your employees or visitors to find locked entrances when they try to come into your office.

We have a variety of office space options that can meet most needs. Our local tenant reps use proprietary and up-to-date databases to locate just the right office space. Our services are free to our clients. There is no cost to you. So, contact us today so that we can help you find an office space that will allow you to conduct business in a productive environment.

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