Monthly Archives: September 2015

Is Third Place Working Right For Your Company?

Third Place Working is a new concept when it comes to office space design and the way businesses and developers develop their office space. It is new and innovative and many companies find third place working to increase productivity among their employees. In this day and age of being able to work from anywhere at any… Read More »

Benefits of Flexible Workplaces

The idea of flexible workplaces began in the 1980s, when business centers developed. Regus, the worlds largest provider of flexible workplaces was founded in 1989. Overt time the idea of a flexible work environment has changed and expanded to allow for unique arrangements that now include coworking spaces, agile office space as well as many… Read More »

A Video Tour of Facebook HQ with Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg just posted a Facebook video showing us their new office space and telling us why they designed it as they did. The Facebook HQ office space is mostly open with desks spattered through-out, including his own. No private office for Mark… One thing I noticed was that the noise level was very low.… Read More »

Millennials in the Workplace: This Isn’t Your Father’s Office

The generation born after 1980, referred to as Millennials, have a completely different view of career and family life than their predecessors. They have just become the majority of the workforce in the US. Their shift in thinking creates a unique opportunity for companies of all sizes. With increasingly sophisticated employees who are not willing… Read More »

Tips for Choosing Office Space For Attracting And Retaining Employees

Choosing office space is an exciting and often challenging process for most business owners. Not only do you want a space that helps improve your business image, but you will also want a space that contributes to employee satisfaction and productivity. Considering that an employee spends on average over one-third of their day at the… Read More »

3 Factors to Consider When Leasing Office Space

Leasing office space involves more than just thinking about location, price, and size. You have to find a space that meets those needs, but there are also many other considerations that you must factor into your decision so you can avoid mistakes when leasing office space. A good tenant representative, like the ones we have at… Read More »