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Office Space Planning Process Part Two

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This is part II of the planning process blog for commercial office space space design.

Space Plan Options Presentation – Once theoffice space plan options are completed, they are presented to the tenant for review and comments.  Based on review comments from the tenant the space plan is revised and resubmitted to the tenant for final review. 

Finish Specifications and Renderings – Once all revisions are completed, finish specification options are selected for all aspects of the office for review and comment by the tenant.  Once finishes are finalized, computer renderings are completed for various parts of the office.  Upon approval of renderings bid documents are prepared for the build-out of the space.

Blog written by the designers at, providing space planning throughout the USA since 1988.


Office Space Planning Process Part One

What is Space Planning?

Office Space Design

Office Space Planning Process Part One

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The planning process for commercial space design is outlined in two blog entries.

Programming Meetings - Conduct department-level meetings to discuss job functions, communication, office and work station needs, storage, filing, teaming spaces, equipment area requirements, conferencing, reception, hoteling work spaces, lounge spaces, huddle rooms and touchdown space.  Discuss future goals, projections and anticipated facilities requirements.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Plan Production – Produce a full-scale architectural as-built plan of the facility, including all existing structural elements, windows, doors, electrical, data, ceiling, lighting, HVAC, fire sprinklers and flooring.

Blog written by the designers at, providing space planning throughout the USA since 1988.


What is Space Planning?


Office Space Design

What is Space Planning?

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Space planning is the analysis and documentation of a business’s current and/or proposed facility.  The purpose may include any of the following:

  • Improve work flow
  • Determine if a new space or building will accommodate a business’s current and future needs
  • Improve communications between employees and/or departments
  • Satisfy emergency exiting and Americans with Disabilities Act requirements
  • Creation of employee lounge spaces
  • Adding work spaces
  • Implementation of the latest workplace technologies
  • Creation of teaming spaces

Completed space plans are used in all aspects of implementing the reconfiguration or relocation of a business.  Trades that require accurate space plans include contractors, flooring vendors, painters, electricians, computer and phone cabling vendors, HVAC contractors, IT professionals, lighting contractors, furniture vendors, movers, furniture installers and cabinet makers.

Space planning services offered by landlords aren’t always in the best interest of tenants.  The space planning firm is being paid by the landlord and typically is looking out for the best interest of the landlord and not the tenant.  Tenant square footage requirements can be exaggerated and can result in tens of thousands of dollars in extra lease costs each year.  Considering the radical changes in how work is taking place, with the implementation of touchdown and hoteling work spaces, the amount of square footage required by a company in today’s work environment can be greatly reduced through proper space planning.

Written by the designers at, providing space planning throughout the USA since 1988.


Office Space Design

Office Space Tweets from OfficeFinder

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Improve Job Satisfaction with the Right Office Cubicles

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Office atmosphere is more important to the success of your business than you may think. Over 90% of employees believe that the quality of their working environment affects their mood and attitude about work, and 89% believe it is essential to their sense of job satisfaction. Office cubicles can be a large part of your office’s atmosphere, so choosing the best cubicles for your office space is important. Whether you are looking to give your office a facelift, add new furniture to an unfurnished space or downsizing the amount of office space you have, comparing quotes on office cubicles will help you better understand your needs.
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