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Entries for month: August 2013

The Changing Office Space Workplace and Work-Life Balance

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Today’s office workplace is rapidly changing. Work is becoming more of what we do and less of where we are. One of the tools being used in this change is that of office hoteling. It is where those who do not need a full time desk space simply login and reserve a space when needed, resulting in savings of up to 40% in real office space costs.

As the office space workplace goes more and more mobile, with employees working wherever is convenient, it becomes necessary to recruit and retain the most motivated employees. If workers are not self-motivated, the system can easily be abused. Today’s younger workforce, however, is used to and prefers the idea of being mobile. When pay is tied to performance, they can and will perform for your business and be happier while do it. They are also more focused on the work-life balance where this type of Officing strategy fits in well.

Once great part of the changing workplace is that, depending on the type of business you operate, hours can be flexible to accommodate the life-work balance necessary to keep the best employees happy. Many areas of business, for example office space, often lend themselves to hours outside the traditional 9-5 pattern. The flexible worker can maintain balance by planning errands such as auto service or simply relaxing over a long breakfast by simply notifying their employer that their day will have altered hours. That two hours spent in the evening doing revenue-generating work can be taken off during the day instead of being considered overtime.

Employees today move from job to job rapidly, each time moving up in salary and position. In order to keep the very best on your staff, you must be flexible with them as well as expecting them to be flexible with your needs. The increased work-life balance priority is related to shifts in workplace priorities since many workers will spend as much as 95% of their time away from the traditional office space.

Values sought by today’s worker in terms of work-life balance include respect and trust from the employer. Family concerns being respected by the boss is critical. They want some hours they can telework from home when needed or when desired and more control over their work schedule. Unless a company is willing to institute flexible work policies and programs, the brightest and best will move on to a company that better understands their wants and needs.

Assess what flexibility makes sense for your organization. Would an office hoteling reservation system allow you to reduce real estate footprint and help workers feel more empowered? Would accommodating telework from home when a child is sick or another emergency fit into your business? What other flexible options could you institute to keep your best employees happy and offer them a balance between family and life needs and employment requirements?

A properly planned office hoteling reservation system can save money and increase productivity. Contact us so we can get you started finding out how Office Hoteling might work for your company.

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By: James Osgood

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Rental Of Office Suite May Be Best Fit For Your Company

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If you are a thriving business, you know that your image is important.  Whether it is the way you dress or how you conduct yourself in meetings, making the right impression is key.  Because of this, it is extremely important to have an exceutive suite office space that presents your business as one of class and expertise.  By getting one, you will be able to include all of the things your office requires, whether you plan to stay perminently, just for a short period of time or use it on an as needed basis.

All The Bells And Whistles

All that you need from an office suite will be taken care of should you go through us.  This means wi fi internet access, a kitchen for breaks and lunch, a conference room for all of your important meetings and everything in between.  You will be able to rest comfortably knowing we are taking care of everything so that your company can run as smoothly as possible.

For The Long Term Or Short

All of these bells and whistles are covered for if you are planning on staying a long time or just on a temporary basis.  Even if you have plans to move to another building that is not quite done yet, you can set up shop in one we find for you and stay as long as you would like.  You can be certain that all of your needs will be met.

If you are looking for an office suite to stay in, whether it be on a permanent or temporary basis, having all the right things available to is very important!  We will make sure you are as comfortable as possible in your new office.  If you are interested, please contact us.

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By: James Osgood

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Millennials will be 75% of the Workforce in 11.5 Years

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What does this mean for the changing workplace? A lot! The Facebook generation is not only quite comfortable with working via the Internet, but actually prefers it. So what? As work becomes less of a place and more of an activity, businesses that expect to be able to attract the best and the brightest, will need to change how they perceive and manage their employees. Productivity measurement will be the key, not hours spent at the office.

How to change? A good way is to take a look at your office space. As a general rule up to 50% of it will be unoccupied during a good part of each day. If this is the case for your business, consider using an office hoteling system that can allow you to reduce your office space footprint, while allowing your employees to use office and meeting space as they need it and want it. It will not only save you up to 40% of your office rental costs, but make for a happier and more productive work force.

We can help. Contact us so we can get you started finding out how an Office Hoteling Reservation System might work for your company.

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By: James Osgood

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Omaha Office Space Market Conditions

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Founded in 1854, along the banks of the Missouri River, the city earned its nickname “Gateway to the West” from a crossing called the Lone Tree Ferry.  The largest city in the state of Nebraska, Omaha consists of a diverse population of approximately 427,000 residents.

Once a pioneer town, Omaha was home to one of the world’s largest stockyards.  Due to its central location, the city soon became a national transportation hub.  During the 19th century, Omaha’s railroads and breweries were important industries to the local economy.

Today, Omaha is headquarters to five Fortune 500 companies and boasts a modern economy of diverse and skilled knowledge jobs, including banking, insurance, telecommunications, and architecture/construction.  The annual College World Series, which Omaha has hosted since 1950, provides a great deal of tourism activity and revenue to the city.  Omaha is also the birthplace of the “richest person in the world”, Warren Buffet, where he made his fortune in business.

Omaha has a thriving cultural community, rich in musical and theatrical history.  A number of jazz and rhythm and blues musicians/bands got their start in Omaha, including drummer Buddy Miles, and jazz great Preston Love.  The community offers many historical attractions, such as the Omaha Community Playhouse, the largest community theatre in the United States.  Sports also has a long history in Omaha, with both the U.S. Olympic Swim Trials and the College World Series returning to the city in 2012. 

The city appears to be on a steady pace of economic growth and recovery this year.  This has led to new jobs and a resilient office market. The Omaha office space market is expected to stay vibrant through the end of the year as confidence in the local economy stays strong.

Market Area

Vacancy Rate (SF)

Asking Rent (Class A $/SF)




Central Dodge



Miracle Hills






South Central






Source:  Colliers International Omaha Metro Area Research and Forecast Report Q2 2013         

More Market Information on Omaha Office Space

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By: James Osgood

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Deloitte, Consulting and Financial Advisors, Saves Millions Using An Office Hoteling Reservation System

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Deloitte, a New York-based company with dozens of offices in the US and many more spread around the world, entered into the world of office hoteling very early, soon after the concept began being discussed. Today, they continue to save big money by continuing to utilize an office hoteling reservation system in many of their offices. The company provides accounting, financial advisory, auditing, consulting and other services related to finances involved in doing business.

Adversity Drives Change

Deloitte leased office space consisting of three complete floors of the World Trade Center in NYC when it was initially attacked 1993. Due to problems resulting from the bombing damage, the CEO decided to break the lease and moved their staff to the World Financial Center, just one block west.

The 2001 attack on the World Trade Center also collapsed the World Financial Center, resulting in 3,000 employees being dislocated. One employee was killed and several injured. Everyone involved was injured emotionally. During this trying time, many Deloitte employees became teleworkers, learning they could do their jobs outside the traditional office workspace.

The Mother of Invention

Needless to say, even with a huge operation, the destruction of a single office and cost of rebuilding records from back-ups, as well as the fact that office space was at a premium in the Financial District of New York due to the loss of the World Trade Center complex, saving on real estate by reducing the footprint only made sense. Reviews revealed that only around 60 percent of many worker’s productive time was spent working with clients in their office spaces.

Officers at Deloitte decided the best way to address the empty space and high square footage cost of office space was to organize the workplace by implementing office hoteling through a reservation system. The plan was to share workspaces by placing a reservation, much like making a reservation for a hotel accommodation. The plan involved employees each having standard gear: a cell phone, a blackberry and laptop computer.  This equipment allowed employees to work from any location: a client’s office, a coffee shop, at home, or even sitting in a park. This same equipment worked well in the office as well.

The Details Define Success....or Failure

When Deloitte designed their office hoteling reservation plan, they too into account their design would affect employee motion, comfort, creativity and productivity. The shared workspaces and open workspace concepts had to benefit professional who traveled extensively as well as those who worked locally. Each employee must have a storage space of their own, perhaps roll around file cabinets to keep their on-going work in and maintain file records.

Central copiers, perhaps fax machines and, when appropriate, support staff should be available. Conference rooms should be available but also should have multiple uses; a mobile workstation can be placed in the room when no meetings are planned.

A properly planned office hoteling reservation system can save money and increase productivity. Deloitte saved 40% as soon as the plan was instituted. When fully deployed in all their locations, the Chicago office was able to give up an entire floor and that’s a lot of money saved.

Contact us so we can get you started finding out how Office Hoteling might work for your company.

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By: James Osgood

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