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Guide to Office Relocation - Part 6

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Pre-Move Walkthrough

Conduct a pre-move meeting and walk-through with your selected moving company representatives and primary vendors. This allow you to confirm your pending time-line and clarify responsibilities. Ensure all items have been tagged and labeled for placement in the new space. EVERYTHING should be labeled, even trash cans floor mats, and plants.

Also secure several backup copies of all company data systems including phone and voice mail systems, routers and firewalls, and workstations and servers. Transport the data backup copies to the new location separate from the main system and each other.

Some Small Details Often Overlooked

  • Make sure you have a spare set of keys available for the new space
  • Confirm the electricity is on and the restrooms are working
  • Confirm that your phones and Internet connection are working properly
  • Confirm there are no outstanding obligations to your previous office space

Relocating High Tech Equipment

As you can see relocating a business is an extremely complex task, and no component of this process is more challenging than moving your high tech equipment. You can hire a specialty technology mover, but they can be expensive.  For those companies that wish to manage this task in-house, see our ‘Relocating High-Tech Office Equipment checklist that offers some sound advice for the relocation of high-tech office equipment.


As you can see, a successful commercial relocation requires the consideration of many different factors. We hope this guide has helped to inform you on some of these important considerations relating to the Office Relocation process.

In our final instalment of this series will introduce you to a great new resource we have developed to assist you in a smooth office relocation. Stay tuned.

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