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OfficeFinder Twitter Update - Our Best Tweets

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The Best of our Tweets (so far) in September.  

 I Don’t Work for Free — the truth about leasing commissions 19 hours ago 

9 Strategies for Selling Smarter 19 hours ago 

As price falls and performance rises, LED lighting becomes increasingly attractive to building owners 12 Sep 

9 Strategies for Selling Smarter 12 Sep 

Virtual offices 2.0 by Cloud Virtual Offices 10 Sep 

A Quick Guide to Google Docs 10 Sep Here is a good article on making cold calling easier. "Few elements of a sales career are more challenging than... 9 Sep 

Can Working Virtually Increase Happiness? 9 Sep 

Financial Demand for Office Space Is Steady Amid Job Cuts 9 Sep 

Servcorp Wins With IT, Virtual Office Focus 9 Sep One of the reasons I started .com way back in 1995 is that I hated making the call (cold calling) and... 9 Sep 

10 real estate markets with largest 5-year drop in home values 6 in CA, Phoenix and LV and 2 in surprises. 9 Sep 

How Do We Find Office Space For Our Clients? 9 Sep 

California is requiring that all new office buildings be net-zero energy structures by 2030 9 Sep 

REI Guidepost: Discover Outdoor Adventures Near You 8 Sep 

Four Ways to Green Your Office Washroom 8 Sep 

Regus stock rockets - a takeover target or a Short Squeeze from good reuslts? 8 Sep 

tenant security needs, balancing technology and people, avoiding surprises, security costs and ROI 8 Sep 

Top 5 Reasons Why Brokers Should Make the Call 8 Sep 

Mobile workers still need physical meeting space 8 Sep 

20 Things NOT to do on a Sales Call 7 Sep 

LEED, Liability, and You - a multitude of potential disputes 7 Sep 

The Incredible Shrinking Office Space – Fact or Fantasy? 7 Sep 

Top 10 Viral Video Advertisements of All Time 7 Sep 

Security pros call them office creepers – thieves who walk into buildings, steal unsecured valuables, and stroll out 7 Sep 

13 Ways to Make Your Office Space More Efficient 6 Sep 

Should Your Business Rent or Buy? 6 Sep 

Designing Your Work Space for Productivity 5 Sep 

RT @coachmikeblaine: Good luck to @AROhoops (my son) and@windex_24 as they begin their professional careers in Denmark this week! 2 Sep 

Where You Do Your Work Doesn’t Matter Anymore 2 Sep 

Office Space Tightens, Remains Uneven National CBD vacancy is at 15%, while national suburban vacancy is at 20% 2 Sep 

Economists React: ‘Disturbing’ Way to Start Labor Day Weekend WSJ stagnation in payroll employment 2 Sep 

Cashing in on rental property The bright spot in the real estate market

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