Office Hoteling: 4 Factors to Employee Acceptance

Office HotelingIn an effort to cut costs, more and more companies are turning to office hoteling software. Office hoteling involves assigning workspace on an “as needed” basis rather than permanently, and requires fewer resources in order to implement. Offices that have implemented office hoteling policies typically reduce their office space needs by 30% to 50% from their current usage. In many cases it is a part of a business transitioning to an “Agile Workplace.” Making the switch can sometimes be difficult on employees, which is why you should keep these tips in mind when doing so.

  1. The first thing you should do is hold a meeting to discuss your plans so that employees are not caught off guard. Explain your reasons for wanting this change, and reassure them that it will not affect their ability to perform certain tasks. Allow them to voice their concerns, and keep their feedback in mind whenever coming up with a final plan.
  2. Workers are likely to be concerned with how they will store their personal belongings in a hoteling environment. As such, you may want to invest in lockers or moveable carts so that individuals can easily keep their personal items safe. You should also have a plan in place for keeping office supplies stocked , as employees are likely to become disgruntled if they arrive at a workstation only to find they don’t have what they need.
  3. Make sure each workstation has ergonomic chairs that can easily be height adjusted as need be. Spaces should also be well lit, and contain partitions that will provide a degree of privacy while also controlling noise levels. Consider placing computer locks at each desk so that workers who bring their own laptops can secure them whenever they leave the area for any reason.
  4. Your workstations should also be set up in such a manner that equipment such as copiers, scanners and fax machines are easily accessible to everyone. Keep in mind that a few private offices or conference rooms may need to be included in your floor plan so that meetings can take place when necessary.

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