Going Green: Key Features of an Eco-Friendly Office Space

Target a green eco-frienldy office spaceWhether currently searching for new office space or seeking climate-friendly renovations for your current property, “green”  eco-friendly office space provides innovative solutions for greater productivity and employee well-being.  Although many companies and representatives may give the impression of being “earth-friendly” not every building automatically fits the strict parameters for a “green” office. Unlike traditional offices, “green” offices take full responsibility for their waste and environmental effect. These office also actively seek to minimize their carbon “footprint.”  As you seek a healthier, eco-smart workplace, consider these key features in green offices.


For an office to be truly “green,” it must carry strict certifications from organizations such as The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  This independent organization carefully grades buildings based on their infrastructure, resource efficiency, pollution output, and overall employee health.  Investing in an LEED-certified building provides a safe, sustainable environment to maximize workplace efficiency.

“Living” Infrastructure

Green offices are built with far more than simple wood and metal.  Sustainable offices recognize the value or bringing the “outdoors” inside with innovative features such as “living walls” and indoor gardens. Office plants and greenery provide natural air filtration, boosting employee health and well-being while also creating a more restful, natural atmosphere.

Rejuvenating Work Space

Green offices often stray from the traditional office “cubby”design.  Employees in green offices enjoy open office space with minimal segregation and walls.  These open offices allow greater use of natural light and air filtration without necessary walls and cramped work spaces.  Green offices such as  The American Society of Interior Designers employ “human-centric” floor plans that improve natural employee collaboration, creativity, and workplace moral.


Although green office space can be created nearly anywhere, these healthier, earth-friendly havens are often found in “ecodistricts,” designated areas that actively push sustainable energy and “green” principles.  Many cities, particularly in Washington, Colorado, and California are passionately supporting the creation of more ecodistricts with greater emphasis on clean public transportation and electric energy use. If looking for new office space, start your search in a clean, ecodistrict first.

Although creating a completely “green” office may appear challenging, creating a climate-friendly work space begins with small but meaningful changes anyone can make. Going green begins with managing your office’s power, water, and carbon output.

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