6 Tips on Creating a Green Office Space

Going Green iStock_000019333165Going green is not just for people. Many offices are becoming green as a way to support the environment. The methods that office spaces use to become environmentally friendly provides benefits to the company including increased productivity, cost savings, and a more inviting work area for employees. By adding a few eco-friendly features to an office you create a green office space.

1. Reduce Waste

Many offices provide paper cups for employees to drink water, tea and coffee throughout the work day. Although this is convenient, it all creates a lot of waste on a daily basis. A better way to be green is to supply employees with reusable mugs that they can wash every day. Another option is to have employees bring in their own mugs or cups for beverages.

2. Recycle

Every office should have a recycling bin for the discarded soda cans, cardboard boxes, glass bottles and other refuse that can be recycled.By setting aside these items for recycling, your office helps to reduce reliance on the dwindling natural resources.

3. Add Plants

Greenery in an office provides a few benefits. For one, plants improve indoor air quality by absorbing toxins. The plants and tress in an office also bring nature indoors. The aroma and sight of the plants helps to reduce stress during a hectic work day.

4. Use LED Light Bulbs

Offices spend a lot of money on lighting. One way to reduce energy costs is to use LED light bulbs. These bulbs are long-lasting, durable and energy efficient. LED bulbs are an alternative to the traditional incandescent or florescent light bulbs that you have to replace frequently.

5. Lower the Thermostat

Most of the winter energy bills are due to heating the office. Your office can cut down on heating costs by lowering the thermostat a few degrees and asking employees to wear sweaters or layer of clothing.

6. Buy Energy-Efficient Equipment

When it time to replace old printers, copiers, or refrigerators in the break room, buy an Energy Star rated model. Energy-efficient appliances and office equipment use less energy, so electricity costs are lower.

By making a few changes, you can create a green office space that helps your company, employees and the environment. A green office space also improves your public image with customers and can brings in new business. To learn more about locating office space for your company, contact us today.