Millennials In The Workplace: Majority Rules!

Millennials in the workplaceMillennials are becoming a force to be reckoned with in all aspects of our society. Numbering 92 million, these 20 to 36-year-olds will, literally, change our economy over the next decade by means of their purchasing power. It’s finally happened! The Baby Boomers reign no more.

This generation is making itself known and there is no looking back! What does that mean in terms of Millennials in  the workplace? Good things.

  • The Tenacity To Endure – Millennials have survived much in their young lives. We can start with the shock and loss our country endured on 911. The effects were felt world-wide. Add to that a failing economy, rising costs, major crashes in the housing market… The list could go on. They remained steadfast in the pursuit of obtaining a college education racking up exorbitant amounts in student loans only to graduate to minimum wage jobs forcing many home to live with their parents. But, despite it all, the majority remain optimistic that, eventually, everything is going to turn out okay.
  • A Degree Is No Guarantee – This generation has learned that the traditional path from college to profession of choice is no longer the normal way of things. They are adaptable and at the ready to learn new skills. Accepting challenges in the workplace is something to thrive on, they know the information they need to succeed is, literally, at their fingertips.
  • They Have Embraced The Ever Changing World Of Technology – This generation has barely known a time without the internet. They have grown up navigating the information highway and the ever-changing devices to access it.
  • Freelancing Is The Preferred Means To Their End – Although they realize the many advantages of freelancing in their areas of expertise, nearly two-thirds of Millennials prefer having full-time employment.

All of the above points are excellent reasons for hiring Millennials as a part of your team, but what do Millennials want from you? According to the 2017 Deloitte Millennial Report:

  •  Job Security is more in the forefront of their minds after a turbulent 2016, but the bartering power brought to the table with the knowledge of their dream to freelance is well worth pondering. It could prove an invaluable resource in a very competitive business market over the next few years.
  • Whether Freelance or Full Time, Millennials are looking for certainty in their jobs; but, again, offering flexibility in the workplace is a huge plus when considering job opportunities.
  • Millennials want to work for companies that are bringing positive change to the world.
  • Looking Ahead, this generation is looking forward to working with Generation Z.

The Millennials in the workplace have arrived! Be prepared to embrace the wind of change that brings!

Change is essential to remain competitive in the business world. Do you need to consider upgrading to a new office space? Or downsizing, perhaps, to become more streamlined? Contact us. We can help!