Using Office Space Design to Boost Productivity and Improve Morale

11908989116_dfd8f1ce64_mConfRoomWhile efficient use of office space is important, you should also keep in mind that it should be motivational as well as space efficient. You want high employee engagement and that comes when they are motivated. Office space design that includes comfortable and efficient use of space as well as fostering better collaboration and communication makes the workplace more productive, less stressful and a more enjoyable place to work. Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace Report found that only 30% of American employees say they feel engaged and inspired at work. It reports that 18% are actively disengaged, and tend to “roam the halls spreading discontent.”

A friendly and supportive work environment results in happier, more engaged employees who are more dedicated to making the business successful, and less concerned with finding a better job somewhere else. On the other hand, an office full of stress and tension destroys motivation and breeds discontent. Here are some ideas to make your workplace more efficient and motivational:

Comfortable and Ergonomic Furniture and Equipment

Long periods of time spent in uncomfortable chairs, and using computers and other equipment that are not optimized to suit workers properly, distracts them from being able to focus on their work. Proper lighting and temperature are also important to an efficient office environment. Besides increasing efficiency, an ergonomic office reduces time lost from carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive movement injuries.

Organize Shared Items

Offices are often filled with printers, books, manuals, phones, wires and other obstacles. If unorganized, this leads to a messy office that negatively affects the overall mood and wastes too much time in finding needed items. There should be designated drawers, shelves and other appropriate storage areas that are easy to access. Items should be easy to find, and to put away after being used. Eliminating redundant items not only saves money and space, but increases efficiency and productivity while making the office more attractive.

Add Some Color

While a drab and uninteresting work environment is destructive to office efficiency, the opposite is also true. Making an office more attractive and colorful has an affect on how productive it can be. One study by the University of British Columbia found that colors, specifically red and blue, can have a significant impact on productivity. The study found that red increased performance on detail-oriented tasks like memory retrieval and proofreading, while blue increased output when working on creative tasks. Other studies have shown that these colors also raise spirits and improves morale.

Efficient office spaces need to provide employees with an environment in which they are able to maximize what they are able to achieve. They must also be a place where customers feel comfortable, and which builds their confidence in the business and its employees.

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Photo Credit: Jeffrey via Compfight cc