Top 15 Mistakes Businesses Make When Leasing Office Space

Mistakes OopsAlmost every business of any size has a need for leasing office space. It is not an easy task and can take a lot of time. There are lots of challenges and room for mistakes along the way. Here are our top 15 Mistakes Businesses Make When Leasing Office Space. They come from OfficeFinder office tenant reps totaling hundreds of years of experience.

  1. Not allowing enough time for the leasing and negotiating process.
  2. Not adequately defining your needs before you start.
  3. Not getting the professional help you should.
  4. Accepting that the lease the landlord provides is “standard.”
  5. Accepting an inadequate tenant improvement allowance.
  6. Not having the proper base year for annual operating cost pass-throughs.
  7. Not verifying that you can get all of the services you need at the new location.
  8. Not having buy-in from all the major players within the company.
  9. Not negotiating enough flexibility in the lease.
  10. Incomplete understanding of the local market conditions in negotiations.
  11. Failing to thoroughly read and understand the rules and regulations attached to the lease.
  12. Not investigating enough competitive alternatives.
  13. Believing the listing agent has your best interest in mind.
  14. Over guaranteeing the lease by not capping you personal financial liability.
  15. Dragging your feet in a tight market and loosing the office space you wanted.

Certified OfficeFinder SpecialistOne sure way to avoid most of these mistakes is engage the services of a qualified office tenant representative. They will act as the hub of the wheel to ensure a smooth transaction and to make sure you avoid costly mistakes when leasing office space.

We have nearly 500 local office tenant reps in our OfficeFinder network who will personally assist you in meeting your office space needs. They are located in both small and large markets. Get connected now.

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