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Top 5 Most Sought-After Lakeview Locations for Office Setup

If there’s one thing that the rise of remote work has taught us, it is that location matters more than ever for businesses. Companies are looking to move their offices away from cities and into scenic Lakeview locations where they can benefit from an inspiring atmosphere. Inevitably the demand for office spaces in Lakeview locations continues to climb higher. Take a look at my top five list of sought-after lake views so you can see why these places have become must-haves for so many growing businesses!

Lauderdale Lakes, Florida

Lauderdale Lakes is known for its diverse community and close proximity to the thriving Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area. The area benefits from flourishing real estate markets, solid infrastructure, and close proximity to the city’s international airport. Businesses seeking a peaceful oasis will surely appreciate the picturesque lake and affordable rentals. An added bonus: Florida has no state income tax, which is quite enticing for both companies and employees. 

“Lauderdale Lakes offers a unique combination of a laid-back atmosphere with a vibrant business environment. It’s a perfect place for companies looking for a more relaxed vibe without compromising on productivity and success.” – James Wilson, Florida-based Entrepreneur.


  • Tranquil and appealing views of Lauderdale Lakes
  • Affordability as compared to other lakefront locations
  • Favorable climate throughout the year


  • Limited public transportation options
  • Potential risk of hurricanes affecting the region

Lake Michigan, Chicago, USA

Chicago’s Lake Michigan shoreline is an attractive location with stunning skyscrapers and lakefront views. This area hosts many Fortune 500 companies and is renowned for its high-quality infrastructure and quick public transport links. In recent years, Chicago’s tech scene has also experienced significant growth, making it one of the top choices for businesses looking to establish a presence in the Midwest.

“Lake Michigan provides a fantastic backdrop for an office setup in Chicago. The location combines impressive architecture with easy access to key transport hubs, making it an attractive choice for savvy businesses.” – Angela Smith, Chicago Realtor


  • Beautiful views of Lake Michigan
  • Strong public transportation network
  • Cultural vibrancy with rich dining and entertainment scene


  • Cold winters with harsh weather conditions
  • Possible higher rent and living costs

Lake Washington, Seattle

Seattle’s Lake Washington area offers business owners an excellent location with a strong tech industry presence. The area’s robust economy and diverse business landscape attract innovative companies to the scenic waterfront. Additionally, the Lake Washington area has a well-developed public transportation system, making it easy for employees to commute to work.

“Setting up an office in the Lake Washington area of Seattle offers businesses access to a vibrant tech community, as well as picturesque views and easy transportation links. It’s the perfect mix for building a successful business.” – Mark Jones, Seattle Real Estate Agent


  • Spectacular views of Lake Washington and the surrounding mountains
  • Thriving tech industry and business opportunities
  • Mild climate with cool summers and temperate winters


  • High cost of living and office space
  • Infamous gloomy weather with frequent rainfall

Lake Minnetonka, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis’ Lake Minnetonka is a popular destination for businesses seeking to tap into the area’s booming economy. The region is enriched with nearby prestigious universities, fast transportation, and a lively art and music scene. In particular, its location relative to Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport makes it a top destination for businesses aiming to make a difference in the Midwest.

“Lake Minnetonka is a great location for businesses looking to access the Minneapolis-St Paul area and beyond. The combination of the lake’s picturesque beauty and bustling business environment make it an ideal choice for any company.” – Kara Anderson, Minneapolis Realtor


  • Access to major universities in the area
  • Picturesque Lake Minnetonka views
  • Affordable office spaces with the potential for growth


  • Possibility of extreme weather conditions

Lake Tahoe, California, USA

The gorgeous Lake Tahoe area of California offers businesses a location that has it all. Its stunning natural beauty and laid-back ambiance create a perfect combination of work and relaxation. Additionally, the area has excellent transportation connections, so it’s very easy for both employees and customers to get around.

“The crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe reflect the beauty of the surrounding areas – A truly ideal spot for businesses looking to set up shop in California. The location offers unbeatable views and plenty of outdoor activities for workers to enjoy.” – Rachel Miller, California Realtor


  • Access to Reno-Tahoe International Airport
  • Highly-developed tourism and hospitality industry
  • No state income tax in Nevada 


  • High cost of living and real estate prices
  • Potential risk of wildfires affecting the region.

Conclusion: Lauderdale Lakes, Florida

We believe Lauderdale Lakes is an ideal choice for businesses seeking a picturesque lakeside office location without breaking the bank. The area offers a serene, tropical environment coupled with a vibrant business scene and highly desirable infrastructure. All-in-all, Lauderdale Lakes checks all the boxes for firms looking to establish a successful office in an idyllic location.

Good luck! We wish you the best of luck in your office search. If you need help finding an office, we can help. Contact us for more information. No Obligation!