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Six Factors That Can Help Turn Your Office Space Into a Great Workplace

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Everyone wants a workplace that is wonderful but why is one workplace great while another is lacking? Is it the leased office space that makes a particular firm productive and profitable? Could it be the specific office furniture or location? None of these things alone make any workplace truly great.

A great workplace is not about the brand of computers, the prestige of the building’s address. Here are six factors that can work together to allow business owners to create an organization that excites employees, resulting in the reputation of being a great workplace.

Replace Policies with Company Mission: Hiring, motivating and retaining top notch employees if not about policies; those are simply rules. Create a company mission and vision that the team believes in and supports. With passion for a mission based on the CEO’s vision, rather than a bunch of policy statements, cultivates a real team capable of leaping forward with ideas and innovations as well as loyalty and hard work.

Nurture Collaboration: Never stifle team members’ desires to work together, carrying ideas from one area of the business into others. Create a workplace where each group or department is allowed to freely convey ideas to other organizational groups. The pay-off in productivity, amazing leaps forward and trained staff retention is incredible.

Cultivate Agile Workspaces: Today’s office space is not the traditional cubicle or corner office. An office hoteling software application allows easy utilization of much smaller workspaces and allows each member of an organization to work in the style that is best for them. Technology allows the telecommuting or third place team members to only be physically in-office as needed. Work areas that provide desks or standing work counters allow team members to avoid the strain of sitting at a computer immobile for hours at a time. Staying in close contact does not have to mean being in the same conference room any longer. The office space of today is any area where business can conveniently and productively be conducted.

Replace Ownership with Membership: Everyone employee is accountable to their customers and managers but in the past processes were “owned” by an employee, generating office stress and politics as power plays were often used to try to win the ownership role. Instead, remove the territorial nature of office spaces and encourage the concept of being privileged to be a member of a team or teams that create revenue and find ways for the company to save money. It becomes everyone’s process and fosters a sense of belonging and identity in the work environment.

Create a Quality Experience for Employees: It is little surprise that employee retention is low in those workspaces that are dull and uninspiring. Create an office space that team members what to enter into and do work. Strive for a vibrant, magnetic space that draws people in during their in-office work time. This engages employees and they will look forward to the connected, exhilarated feeling obtained when they need to hotel an office space for an hour or a day.

Stay on the Cutting Edge: Today’s fast paced, constantly changing economy allows those companies built on flexible office spaces with strong company values and loyalty to survive when others around them fall. As work methods, technological capabilities and mobile computing power speed along, use best practices to stay on the cutting edge. Remember that it’s the people who create value in a knowledge based company; an office is just a space that houses technology where people can come perform productive tasks. .

These are some of the keys that can turn your office space into a great workplace for your employees, making them happier and more productive at the same time.

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By: James Osgood

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Office Space Rental, Productivity and Small Business Success

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For a startup company or a small business, it is impossible to get by with a meeting here and there, in restaurants or at houses. If you want to make your company to grow and be successful, you need to create a space where people can focus on production, where they can come to share a common goal, and constantly be a part of the work they need to do for your organization. However, if you're as busy as most professionals, it is hard to find the right space and it takes a lot of time. If you have looked at leases, you understand that this process is something you almost don't want to get involved in right now. You're making a long-term decision on location, layout, amenities and all the financial and legal matters that go along with a business lease, including:

  • Evergreen renewal terms
  • ADA compliance
  • Whether you can sublease if your business starts to struggle
  • Does the lease cover property taxes?
  • Does the lease cover insurance?
  • Does the lease cover maintenance?

At a certain point, you have to evaluate your position. For most small businesses that are less than a few years old, temporary office space rental is often the wisest choice. In addition to the considerations listed above, you still have to furnish your space and provide the electronic devices that you guys are going to need. Ready-made temporary office packages provide all this for you. The conference rooms typically have High Def AV systems and the Internet, phone and TV service comes standard. Your chairs, desks, computers, copy machines and phones typically come as part of your lease as well.

If your team is already spending a lot of time on phone calls, telephone conferences and web conferences; if you guys could make use of the conference room regularly; and you guys have a need for more privacy than you have; then this is the ideal solution.

Sometimes you might have to share kitchens, reception areas, break rooms or conference rooms with other firms, but if you contact us at Office Finder, we can negotiate all the details for you and make sure to connect you with an office that meets your company needs for pricing, privacy, professionalism and efficiency.

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By: James Osgood