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Advantages of Renting Office Space vs, Buying

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Surely if your business is firmly entrenched in the market, you have significant financial resources, and you plan on keeping your business in the area for many, many years to come, buying your commercial office space may be the way to house your business. Yet, you may still want to consider renting an office space. Here's why:

  • Lower Initial Investment - You won't tie up money you could use in your business. Many businesses get a higher return from their core business than they would from buying an office and the associated savings and appreciation.
  • Fixed or Adjustable - Every homeowner knows the pros and cons to this option. Do you want to pay the same amount every month for your property, or do you want to gamble with the potential of rising office rental rate costs. Ultimately, the market will tell dictate what your business will pay for rent. In a down economy, the idea of renting can be lower cost and offer significantly lower risk. The unfortunate Catch-22 here is that if the economy is good, your business will flourish, but you may end up paying some of that profit back in rent. But, then again, isn't that a nice problem to have?
  • Flexibility - Renting your office space also affords a business the opportunity to grow their office space along with the growth of their business. As your business expands with staff, operations, and more; renting an office will allow you to buy more or less office space as the situation dictates accordingly. This level of flexibility can provide a business owner with the peace of mind of knowing that they're not locked into an enormous space if they don't need it or too small of a space if their business has outgrown it.

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By: James Osgood

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