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Are Virtual Offices The Perfect Storm Solution?

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Officing Today February 9, 2010: The US has been experiencing plenty bad weather this winter season. A storm watch alert has been issued in Southern California, where reports of mudslides and flooding dominate the local news. The nation’s capital had 20 inches of snowfall over the weekend, and is expecting more of the same today. These conditions have required schools and offices to shut down in the area.

In other parts of the country, though, many people living in areas with harsh winter weather are finding that virtual offices are the perfect storm solution. Virtual office clients are able to manage their businesses much more easily in winter weather than those who work in traditional office set-ups.

Radio Iowa’s Dar Danielson reported in December that Iowans with virtual offices were not affected by the winter weather problems that other people trying to get to work were facing. A virtual office client interviewed for the piece advised that, simply put, a virtual office “allows you to work whenever and wherever you need to.”

Another virtual office client interviewed pointed out other perks of this alternative workplace solution: “She says it gives a tremendous amount of flexibility, as it allows people to work out of their homes and during their own hours, but still have access to the information they need.” The client highlighted the fact that a blizzard earlier in the season had less of an impact on her business, since her employees are able to work without having to come to an office building.

As the winter storms continue to rage on, it is likely that more businesses will find that they can’t afford not to be using a virtual office set-up.

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