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HD Video Conferencing in the Rise?

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As the workplace morphs to absorb the Gen X and Gen Y work-styles we are likely to see an increasein the use of HD video conferencing for remote workers, allowing them to stay in touch with the office. One of the key traits of the newer workforce is their desire for the ability to work independently from the corporate office enviroment. Business like this too since it will allow them to reduce the amount of office space they need to lease. Seems like a win-win.

Some of a recent press release:

LifeSize, a division of Logitech (NASDAQ:LOGI) (SIX: LOGN), is joining forces with Regus (LSE: RGU), the world’s largest provider of flexible workspaces, to bring LifeSize HD video conferencing to businesses and the public at more than 240 Regus locations worldwide. Regus customers can now easily communicate with colleagues around the world via video or conduct business over HD video while traveling.

A wide variety of video collaboration scenarios including:

  • Seamless video calling with customers and partners, regardless of their video platform
  • Remote candidate interviews, connecting candidates to interview teams through local Regus offices
  • Data sharing and collaboration with colleagues while traveling


One of the keys to the potential success of the LifeSize program is that it is compatible with multiple video platforms. In other workds, folks at teh head office could be using the LifeSize platform whil the remote worker could be using a basic platform. It will allow for easier integration for eveyone involved.

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