2 Great Milwaukee Office Space Designs

Have you ever been in an office that you thought was incredibly well-designed with amazing features you wish you could have in yours? The truth is, it took some serious effort to get that office to look the way it does. A great office space design doesn’t just happen on its own. It requires a great deal of thought and planning to get it to come out just right. We’ll help you out with some awesome ideas and tell you about some great Milwaukee office space designs.

Corporate Image

A great office space begins with the image that your company portrays. An awesome example is the Harley-Davidson corporate offices in Milwaukee. Harley’s are all about chrome, leather and steel and those same elements permeate their space. They even use full-size motorcycles, strategically placed throughout the office as decorative elements and they’re even used as furniture. Motorcycle engines hanging on the wall and vintage memorabilia keep the theme from the lobby to personal office spaces. Perhaps most importantly, the Harley-Davidson logo is everywhere, on furniture, walls and even laptops.

You may not be a world-renowned brand like Harley-Davidson, but you can certainly take cues from them. Your company name and logo should be prevalent on the exterior of your building, so visitors know they’re in the right place. If you manufacture a product, highlight it by creating interesting displays of past and current versions. For service related businesses, show off the equipment you’ve used through the years. Keep your logo and color-scheme consistent and incorporate them everywhere.

Teamwork & Creativity

Tech companies like Corvisa Services rely heavily on employee collaboration to create innovative products. It’s no surprise then, that their offices are fun, exciting and full of color. Amenities such as a coffee bar and hanging chairs draw employees away from their desks for a change of scenery. Meeting places scattered throughout the building allow team members to work together on projects in a relaxing space. Nerf wars, foosball games and huge screen TV’s for gaming all work together to keep the energy levels up. The idea behind their office design is clear, to create a fun, creative space that encourages staff to work together to solve problems.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you own, teamwork and a creative workplace are keys to happy employees. Giving them the opportunity to get up out of their chairs, away from their desks will help them get more done during the day. Playing a game, laughing with colleagues, or even taking a nap are all great stress relievers too. Although you may not be keen on seeing your employees play, it’s been proven by Corsiva and others that it works. Consider creating flexible work stations, get-away rooms and fun activities that employees can access when they need to.

These are just two examples of great office spaces that can be found in Milwaukee. Although each one is completely different, the do have one thing in common, they’re perfectly suited to the company. Keep these designs in mind as you decide what to do with your office’s interior design. Want more information about Milwaukee offices? Please, contact us. We know of some great Milwaukee office spaces that you can make your own.

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