Collaboration is Key in this Great Atlanta Office Space

Uzun & Case Atlanta Office Space

Uzun + Case Atlanta Office Space

Half way up the Promenade II building, in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, sits the office space of Uzun + Case, a successful structural engineering firm. This unique space consists of 13,500 square feet of sweeping views of the Atlanta skyline, and was noted in the Atlanta Business Chronicle as one of the coolest Atlanta office spaces.

Creativity and collaboration are encouraged at this forward-thinking company, and this is evident in every room and space in their office. The impression begins at the striking entrance, with its steel rebar columns and powerful orange feature wall.

The work space within is modern and open. Low walled cubicles and glass partitions make for easy communication among the staff. Conference spaces are varied in size to accommodate all forms of team collaboration. They are equipped with the latest in digital and video technology so that customers and staff working in remote locations can easily participate in discussions – an important feature in the modern office space.

This Atlanta office space uses natural daylight and views enhance it’s office atmosphere. At Uzon + Case, the main conference room outside wall is almost entirely windows. They took advantage of this by using sliding wall panels for the opposite wall. This way when the conference room is not in use, the wall is left open and the whole office can enjoy the abundant light and inspiring view.

“Even in an era when employees are spending more time working on their laptops than at their desks, the office remains an important tool for companies to recruit and retain talent.”

So writes Douglas Sams of the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Indeed, the innovative use of office space demonstrated by Uzun + Case says much about a company’s convictions and viewpoints. What does your business’s office space say about you?

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By: James Osgood