3 Office Space Design Ideas for Productivity Enhancement

IdeaShould you opt for an open-plan office space or favor the private office and cubicle setup? When you are in charge of e office space design ideas for your company and productivity enhancement is of the essence, you may have to look for a mixed approach.

There are three specific office space design ideas that have the power to turn around your current output lull.

  1. Use conference rooms more efficiently. Depending on the nature of your business, you may only use the big room with the large table once or twice a week. For the rest of the time, the space is wasted. Not surprisingly, some companies are doing away with the conference room. Resist the temptation to follow suit! Instead, opt for a space with a large conference room or two. Use this space as a quiet work area for the tasks that require your employees to focus with only minimal interruptions.
  2. Create collaborative work spaces. Experts at the Harvard Business Review (HBR) suggest that the trick to collaborative work spaces is the balance of the interactions you achieve. There are the connections between what the experts term “knowledge workers.” Creating a collaborative space without assigned seating that allows for team interactions in an organic fashion has the power to improve productivity. Encouraging interface between members of different departments is possible with redesigned break spaces that almost certainly result in inter-departmental dealings.
  3. Take a hint from color psychology. Over the years, there has been a consensus that white walls zap productivity while blue enhances it. Orange creates excitement and red boosts accuracy. As always, use these colors sparingly and integrate them into an overall paint scheme. Simply painting your multi-purpose conference room red is not a good option.

Of course, to make good use of these office space design ideas requires the availability of an excellent venue to begin with. When you know that you are not yet in that space, contact us for assistance to find the right office at the best deal possible.