When Leasing Office Space, Check Out The Restrooms

office bathroomSo, you’ve found the perfect office. The layout is artistic, yet professional, and it conveys to your customers that you’re here to do a job, but that you aren’t constrained by the judgments and traditions that could hold you back. The cost is squarely within your budget, and you’re itching to sign on that dotted line to start leasing office space.

Before you do, though, you should excuse yourself, and take a look at the restroom. Because if you’re going to find dark secrets about this space, that’s where they’ll be.

When Leasing Office Space, Check Out The Restrooms

When a landlord is  leasing office space they are presenting an office space in fine tuned condition. It’s a lot like sprucing up for a first date. The blinds are dusted, the lights are scrubbed clear, the carpet gets a deep cleaning, and every surface is wiped till it shines. But oftentimes it’s the bathroom that will be neglected. Not only that, but the way the bathroom is maintained will give you some insight into the building’s history, and what you may be getting into.

For example, does the bathroom show evidence of stains or water damage? Are the tiles coming up? How much effort does it look like the owner has put in when it comes to this very necessary part of the office facilities?

If the restrooms are neat, clean, and squared away, then you are probably tying on with an owner who takes the job seriously, and upkeeps all parts of the building. If not, though, then you may want to consider your other options before signing on that dotted line. If nothing else, ask yourself if those are the restrooms you want to use during your work day, and how uncomfortable you’re going to get holding it until you leave the office on your lunch break.

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