Coworking office spaces: Passing fancy or growing phenom?

coworking office spaceAre coworking office spaces just a trend or are they here to stay? That was a question posed by editorialist Robert Trigaux in a recent piece published by The Tampa Bay Times. Tampa Bay is, like many places across the nation and the world, seeing a growing number of coworking offices, pushed by the last economic downturn and what he described as a “gig economy” — that is, people less interested in being part of a large corporation and more interested in being an entrepreneur.

The coworking office spaces are on the rise thanks to millennial workers thinking out of the box, baby boomers wanting to engage in a new kind of work, and startups looking to share their space with people who have a similar entrepreneurial vision. The environments of these spaces may vary widely, Trigaux writes, but good ones feature 24/7 access, month-to-month commitments, amenities, and the opportunity and culture that comes with people sharing a space. It also offers mobility for those who need an office some of the time, but not so much other times. The typical coworker spends less than twenty hours a week in his or her space, he states.

While some feel that coworking office spaces will never replace the traditional 9-5 office setting, Trigaux sees coworking arrangements — which feature less turnover rate than gyms — as a place that is inspiring workers to move toward more innovation. And innovation is always a good thing.

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