How Did The Concept Of Coworking Office Space Begin?

COWORKING WORKFLOWIf you have heard of coworking space, you might be somewhat skeptical about them. Where did it begin and how did it become so popular? We’ll explain the surprising success of this concept and why you should try it out for your startup company.

Coworking Concept Briefly Explained

Anyone who has never heard of coworking space should first understand this simple concept. It is basically the idea of bringing together workers from other industries and companies and allowing them to share a working space and hopefully create synergy between companies and or people. For example, two companies in the same industry may end up sitting in the same working area and sharing the same tools.

Why Has This Coworking Idea Blossomed?

The implementation of coworking spaces began almost by accident during the Global Financial Crisis that started in 2008. Thousands of people were suddenly without jobs and were forced to find non-traditional or freelance work. In many instances, companies had to band together to share working areas. The result was that the success of these businesses grew significantly.

What Causes This Success?

Success with coworking spaces is generated by creative minds getting together and sharing information. The whole atmosphere focuses on supporting a caring environment, one that propels people to hire levels of creativity. As a result, a large number of companies are turning to this type of working environment.

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