3 Simple Ways to Improve Office Ergonomics

The definition of the office workplace is constantly changing. These days, your office can be at home, at a coworking space, or even at a small coffee shop. With the rise of technology and new work practices, employers should regularly assess their office environment and ensure that it is designed appropriately to prevent physical problems for their employees.

As a responsible business owner, you need to be aware of the ergonomic issues at work and the different ways you can resolve them.

Understand the importance of ergonomics

To improve ergonomics in the workplace, you must clearly understand first how it works. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), office ergonomics is how the workplace should be designed to suit the needs of the employees working there.

The goal is to ensure that your employees’ working conditions are safe enough to boost their productivity and prevent potential injuries that could hurt your employees and cause legal complications for your company. Keep in mind that injuries due to poor ergonomics don’t manifest overnight. It is a result of prolonged exposure to poor and unhealthy conditions. It’s important that you take office ergonomics seriously to prevent serious and long-term complications.

Determine the ergonomics issues

To efficiently design your staff’s workstations, you first need to identify the current challenges they face. Everyone has different work habits and tasks they need to accomplish. Some are out in the field, while others are stuck behind their desks. Observe how your employees move around the workplace. Do they spend a lot of time sitting down? Are the chairs high enough to support their necks? Do they have to slouch every time they look at their computer monitors?

Interview your employees and get feedback from everyone. Take note of the areas that cause them discomfort. Spend time at their workstations so you can understand how they usually feel when working. By placing yourself in their shoes, you can gain a better perspective, which will help you make more informed decisions on improving your office’s ergonomics.

Invest in the right equipment

Once you have identified the ergonomic challenges in your office, you can now choose the right office furniture and equipment. To ensure that you purchase the right products for your office, here are some factors you need to consider:

  • Chairs should have lumbar support to ensure that your employee’s spine is aligned correctly. Your employees should be able to adjust the seat height based on their measurements, and the backrest should be reclinable.
  • Computer monitors and other screens should be at a parallel eye level and a comfortable distance from your employees. They should be able to clearly see what’s on their screens without slouching forward or turning their heads.
  • Desks should be free of clutter and have enough space to rest their arms and wrists. There should be ample legroom where they can move their feet and not strain their knees.

As a business owner, you should continuously educate yourself on office ergonomics. You can read articles and provide training on why companies should implement an office ergonomics safety course/safety policy.

Since you’ll be disposing of your old office equipment, hiring a dumpster rental service can make the entire process more efficient.

Improving office organics can be challenging for some business owners, but it doesn’t need to be. By adopting an ergonomic mindset and attitude, you can quickly resolve issues in the office and cultivate a positive working environment for your employees.

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