4 Laws of the Agile Workplace

A LawBooksdecade ago, the buzz word in business was telecommuting–today, it’s a phrase: the agile workplace! According to a recent study published by the MIT School of Architecture and Planning, “(The study) found that agility – the ability of the workplace to adapt to change – has emerged as the single highest priority in the workplace industry.”

With more companies doing real business in real-time, agility or the ability to move quickly and easily to tap into social marketing trends, has gained more importance. It’s not enough score followers with a “viral” video or develop a Twitter following from a trending hash-tag (#). It’s how you annex your popularity that matters in business! New to the term agile workplace? Familiarize yourself with these four laws of the agile workplace.

You must have access! Employees or team members need to have access to the company information from multiple devices. From iPads, to smartphones to laptops, your employees need to be able to tap into company systems from anywhere. To move with agility, this is a requirement. You can further promote the concept of the “agile workplace” with a company floor plan that encourages collaboration. You need roomy areas that accommodates seating and grants access to computers effortlessly.

Scale it up–or down. The agile workplace must be an adaptable one! Depending on your services or products, you’ll probably find sales surge at certain times of the year and slows down at others. In order to be agile, your business needs to curb costs by identifying what you can do to cut back on production, smartly, down the slower periods. For the actual office space, you could consider downsizing or up-sizing your work area seasonally.

Have a stellar Team IT. If you have a rock-star IT team, you’re ahead of the game. Your IT gurus deserve an agile workplace, one that allows them to reach and assist team members without going on an hour hike. Is your company IT friendly? Are there ample rooms for servers, equipment storage and troubleshooting?

Harness the power. If you want to get truly agile, track your social media sites regularly. By effectively following followers’ responses and emerging social trends, you’ll get ahead of the pack!

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