Tips to Create a Better, Brighter Office Space Where Employees Want to Work

A simple thing like color can affect your mood. In fact, there is a whole study of the psychology of color, and experts agree that certain shades can calm you down, give you energy or even make you irritable. If a small thing like the color of the walls can make a difference in your daily attitude, just think how other decorative items could affect the mood in your office. Happy and energetic workers are more efficient, and efficiency impacts your bottom line. Spend a little time and money on decorating your office space, and it could pay off in a big way.


Green plants and living flowers increase the amount of oxygen in a room and make the air healthier. Not only will having plants in your office make you feel better physically, plants soothe the eye and soften the visual effect of linear desks and shelves.

Not every plant will thrive in an office environment. Look for plants that grow well under low light conditions and with some amount of neglect. Peace lilies and bamboo plants do well away from direct sunlight, and cacti and succulents can survive the most neglectful watering schedule. The heart leaf philodendron will thrive in almost any environment, creating long vines or branching into a small bush, depending on how often you prune it.

Motivational Posters

You may be great at encouraging your employees, but you can’t be there boosting their enthusiasm every minute of the day. Motivational posters are a good idea in theory, but most commercial varieties are long on cheesy sentimentality and short on actual motivation. Instead of going for a generic package of cheerful sayings printed on nature scenes, create your own motivational posters featuring your employees. Check out the options available with an online printer such as You can design your own flyers and posters right in your browser and have them shipped to the office. Employees will love starring in them.

 Personal Decor

It may be counterintuitive, but allowing workers to decorate their own space in a non-businesslike way actually increases office productivity. Uniformity is definitely not better. Give your workers their own space, whether it be a cubicle wall or actual office, and allow them to decorate however they wish. Encourage them to let their personalities shine—let the quilter put up fabric wall hangings and handmade seat cushions, while the Metallica fan can decorate his walls with band posters and framed concert tickets.

Most office leases prohibit painting the walls with unusual colors, but poster boards and cubicle walls can be open spaces that take to bright colors easily. Don’t forget about family photos; having pictures and artwork designed by kids makes parents feel more welcome in the workplace. Once workers turn their space into something that feels like home, they’ll be more eager to come to work and more comfortable working and staying there.