5 Ways to Stay Connected With Your Clients

Kim hakui and choi soon sil

As a business owner, it’s essential that you still connect to your clients even after they have availed and purchased the goods or services your company offers, as it strengthens the business-to-customer relations. Importantly, when you provide the customers’ demands and earn their trust and loyalty, it entails a significant positive sudden shift to your business. Potential customers would know your firm and products through prior clients’ word of mouth.

Hence, it’s vital that you adapt to the emerging technology and software to put your business at pace. With the power and influence of technology, your business’s parameter would reach further, which enables your clients to keep on track with all the best-deal goods you offer. And to help you reach your customers and all the way to the top, we enumerated five effective communication methods below.

1.   Text Messaging

Today, there’s an estimate of 5 billion people who have mobile phones, and most of them typically spend an average of 2 hours and 55 minutes on their device. By considering the massive amount of people who own a mobile phone and the length of the time spent on the device, you can grab this opportunity to utilize text messaging for your business’s sake.

Text messaging is one of the most beneficial communication tools that humanity has received. This communication method provides numerous benefits to both consumers and businesses.

As a business owner, this tool enables you to track the transactions with your customers: reminding their appointments, notifying them of their current bills or best-deal offers, and keeping on track with the transactions, which are necessary for record-keeping. But remember, it’s appropriate that you observe texting etiquette to avoid customers being offended or misinformed.

Meanwhile, as a customer, it would be more convenient for you to set or reschedule a missed appointment. Also, you’ll receive notifications from the business firm with their current offers. And most importantly, it’s another way to release feedback based on the quality of the goods and services.

2.   Social Media Platforms: Facebook and Twitter

Nowadays, almost everyone has a social media account—from young to young at heart. They see social media as a tool for communication with important people afar. Although numerous social media sprung throughout the years, three social networking sites rose: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And these sites have already covered billions of people and still amass until now, which is perfect for business ventures.


Launched by Mark Zuckerburg in February 2004, Facebook now has approximately 2.7 billion active users of all ages. Before, Facebook was just used primarily for photos, chats, etc. But, in recent years, it’s used for business ventures and transactions. With that, Facebook recently launched a business-service platform, which is a beneficial option and avenue for businesses. Small and big businesses can post and promote their products, and it has an automated response on messenger for convenient purchasing and transaction.


With almost 1 billion monthly users and 500 million daily users, Instagram made it the top popular and most-accessed social media site. This free-photo video-sharing site highlights photos and videos on the wall, which users could easily slide through.  Further, it has become a platform where businesses show their products by posting pictures and videos with details. Thus, it’s an excellent way to notify your clients about your firm’s whereabouts and updates.


Twitter already has 1.3 billion accounts and 145 million daily users. This social media site is popular with teenagers and adults. Considering the enormous amount of active daily users, it’s suitable for promoting products for thriving business ventures.

3.   E-mail (Electronic Mail)

The email you use and receive today is still similar to the first email in the 1970s, but with a little bit of modification for improvement. This online-messaging tool is primarily used to notify the client or customer regarding his/her current standing and transaction and a way to promote products and recent best-deals.

Importantly, since it’s done on the internet, you must have a set of quick-response teams to respond to the customers’ inquiries and feedback. With that said, you could avoid unnoticed and mismanaged emails that’ll badly affect your record-keeping. Therefore, an efficient and effective quick-response team must compromise the quality products and services you offer.

4.   Email Newsletters

In order for your business to grow and prosper, it’s important that you show to your current and potential clients the updates and new products you offer. One way of keeping them in touch and updated is through sending emailed newsletters. It’s also essential that the client agrees to the terms, which will permit your firm to send the emailed newsletter regularly.

5.   Blog

Online readers could now have access to online-review write-ups, also known blogs, in just one click. From thousands to millions of readership daily, it’ll definitely affect the performance of your business. Therefore, while you improve and maintain your service, you must also influence prominent bloggers to gain positive reviews to persuade potential clients.


In a nutshell, no matter how exceptional the services you offer to your customers, it’ll be a waste if you miss or fail to ask how to communicate with them further. Since communication is one of the significant keys to earn trust and loyalty, you must utilize the power of emerging technological innovations today. After all, business-to-customer relations don’t end after purchasing and leaving.