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8 Tips To Keep a Clean Office

Generally, an office should be where everyone can be comfortable completing their daily tasks efficiently. If the workspace is messy and dirty, it could affect the team members’ productivity in more ways than one. For instance, some might be so repulsed by their work environment that they can’t focus on anything else. Others may even become ill from the unsanitary surroundings, causing them to be off work on more than one occasion.

In addition, a dirty-looking office could deter clients from doing business with the company as the aesthetic and feel of your office space tell them not to. Ideally, a company’s goal is to make business connections and earn revenue. However, it can almost be impossible with an office full of clutter and dirt.

Everyone in the workspace is responsible for keeping their immediate area neat and clean, but other office areas may need some attention. Most employees do not have time to clean their own spaces due to tons of work but you can always call office cleaning professionals to do the work for you. It is important to keep a clean office. That said, below are some tips to keep the whole office in top shape to improve the space for everyone:

1. Get Rid Of Unwanted Guests

Unwanted guests may be customary in some offices and inhabit the space from time to time. They could infest and take up room in nooks and crannies of the office space, invading and sometimes damaging documentation, cables, and equipment.

Instead of a reactive solution to get rid of them when they are noticeably causing issues, it would be best to be proactive and prevent the infestation from ever happening. Taking preventive measures may include employing the help of experts in this field like Fulcrum Pest Control or others within your locality to get the job done.

Professional exterminators or pest control companies specialize in helping homes and offices to expel their unwanted guests and keep them at bay. They have the knowledge needed to secure the office space using state-of-the-art equipment and methods.

2. Deep Clean The Carpets

The carpeting of an office can get grimy very quickly, with many feet trotting over it daily. Entranceways, halls, and aisles between desks would perhaps be the first to show signs of the carpet needing good cleaning. Dirt stuck on the shoes of the employees and settled dust are some of the likely reasons carpets would get dirty.

For that reason, businesses may need to deep-clean the carpets installed in their office once in a while. The rule of thumb for offices would be once every three months if you needed some direction. Moving all the furniture and clearing out the space could be daunting, but it’d be worth the effort.

3. Declutter All Areas

A pile of something stacked in a corner could be discouraging to look at when going into the office. The same could be said for the clutter piling up for weeks at your desk. How can you organize your thoughts if your surroundings aren’t?

Clutter doesn’t only cover papers, sticky notes, and office memos. Laptop cables and chargers can be a real issue too! Neatly tucking away the unsightly wiring could instantly improve the look and feel of your office space.

4. Clean Windows And Doors

Going to the office would feel more pleasant when you want to peer out the window at the

scenery outside or when you’re not afraid to touch the door handle upon entering. More so, the door is the first view of the business that customers would get, so it is best to leave a good impression.

As such, windows and doors should also receive a thorough cleaning at least once a week to avoid dirt build-up that may become difficult to remove later.

5. Sanitize Common Areas

Shared office areas like the break room, pantry, lounge, and reception are more susceptible to becoming filthy and unsanitary. Many hands are touching the seats, tables, and equipment regularly throughout the day, thus leaving their germs and dirt behind.

Using a sanitizing spray after cleaning these areas is recommended not only to ensure the space is pristine but also to keep your employees healthy. In addition, team members may use sanitizers daily after wiping the surfaces with a clean cloth and detergent.

6. Wipe Down Electronics

Everyone uses fax machines, printers and copiers, telephones, and computers in the office. You may not realize how dirty they have become until you start cleaning them properly.

You can use an old toothbrush to successfully clean the keys of the computer or telephone as dirt becomes stuck there rather often. A once-a-week wipe-down could work to keep these items sparkling clean, but applying a daily sanitizer may further help prevent cross-contamination of bacteria and other germs. That said, be mindful of the proper way of cleaning the computers in the office.

7. Don’t Leave The Dishes

It may be tempting to leave the office with an ‘I’ll do the dishes tomorrow’ mindset, but it may not be a good practice. Leaving the unwashed dishes in the sink overnight can attract ants and other pests to the kitchen, which might cause a more significant issue later on.

Cleaning dirty dishes should be on a clean-as-you-go basis, where employees would immediately wash them after use. Through this, you can keep the kitchen neat and the germs away.

8. Reduce And Recycle Unused Items

A bi-annual spring cleaning of the office is always a great idea to relieve the space from unwanted, unneeded documents and other items taking up the room for more important things. Suggestively, if the office is no longer using something in six months, you probably won’t be in the next half of the year.

Some office items can be recyclable, and some facilities can dispose of these items safely. You can even include electronic equipment on the list. You can encourage your staff members to unpack and declutter everything from their drawers, cupboards, or storage boxes and sort through all the items.

During the spring cleaning, you can also do a more delicate segregation for paper, glass, electronics, and plastics. From there, you may contact the recycling company to remove these items from the office.

Tidying It All Up

Offices are spaces where we generally spend most of our working hours to fulfill our job responsibilities and requirements. Without a safe and healthy work environment, it would be nearly impossible to finish even the most mundane tasks.

But a clean workspace starts with everyone. This means that every person working in the office has a responsibility to help keep the space clean. And with the tips provided above, you’ll be able to create and promote a clean and tidy workspace for you and your team members.

And if you are looking for an office space that you can keep clean, we can help! We have hundreds of local pros throughout the US and Canada to assit you at no cost to you. Contact us to find out more.

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