Workplace Strategies for a Competitive Environment

competitive workplace strategiesMuch is being said about collaborative office space designs and workplace strategies. Looking at the open office design with an absence of cubicles and plenty of ad hoc meeting places, some critics suggest that this type of setup is more akin a kaffeeklatsch than a serious business setting that keeps the company competitive. The truth is somewhere in the middle. In fact, there are times when you need to create workplace strategies for a more competitive environment.

What Types of Companies Benefit from a Competitive Environment?

Call centers are the premier example of businesses that thrive on team competitions. When up-selling is a virtue and short handle times are a measure of success, it is possible to encourage individual supervisors and department managers to heighten productivity simply by putting the teams in competition with one another. This plan calls for the setup of “pods” or cubicle groups that keep the teams together. In fact, any business that has direct contact with the consumer will do well to consider implementation of a competitive work environment.

Three Workplace Strategies Make it Happen

Visual clues are ideal for fostering the competition and ensuring that both teams stay motivated.

  1. Signage. Branded dry-erase boards along the walls of the venue are ideal for recording daily goals and achievements. Repeat the signage in the break room, where you list all the teams and their accomplishments. Membership in a team does not call out any one employee but still encourages each worker to outdo the others.
  2. Prize closet. A centrally located, glass-enclosed cabinet serves as the prize closet. Heighten the motivation of the teams by letting everyone see the prizes that they could become eligible to win. For this strategy to work, you need a setup with a sizable open space that you can then modify with a central location and cubicle clusters that group around it.
  3. Centrally located supervisor availability. Just as the teams’ pods are clustered around the prize closet, the individual cubicle setups should cluster around the supervisor’s cubicle. To remain competitive, employees must receive quick answers to their questions and receive coaching when needed. This is only possible when each cluster has an on-site supervisor.

If the idea of a competitive work environment intrigues you, contact us for more information on finding the right space to make it happen.