Honest Office Space Virtual Tours? We Do That!

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Interactive high definition 360-degree office space virtual tours are becoming more popular in the commercial rental industry. They provide an invaluable service to prospective tenants who want to ensure that buildings are a good fit before scheduling time consuming in-person walk-through tours. Virtual tours make it possible to achieve this goal – especially for the company that is relocating from another city or state.

Advantages of Virtual Office Tours

An online brochure for an office building provides you with the basics. It discusses square footage options, amenities, parking spaces, and nearby shopping as well as dining opportunities. you can find the same information on almost every listing website. Although plenty of these informative listing website pages also feature images, they nevertheless still make it difficult to get a feel for the property. For example, a large office image that persuaded you to visit a location can turn out to be little more than the result of wide-angle photography.

Honest Office Space Virtual Tours Save You Time, Travel Expenses, and Disappointments

An honest virtual tour does not need to set a stage for the right effect.

  • No manipulation of the atmosphere. Photographers who want to appeal to professionals in search of bright spaces will shoot the images during daylight hours; those who want to emphasize elegance do so at night. We do it when our experts are available.
  • No models in a photo shoot. Typically, spaces should be without workers actively about their tasks. That said, sometimes it is unavoidable that people will appear in the images. However, they are not models who are paid to provide ambiance. They are just hard-working folks.
  • No touch-ups. Honest virtual tours show you the property the way it is. There is no touching up of brown lawns, no artificial elimination of water-stained ceilings, and no heavy editing of the shots.

The OfficeFinder office space virtual tours save you time, travel expenses, and the disappointment of finding out that a wide-angle shot or the use of a mirror, to add depth artificially or create the illusion of a second window and tricked you. You can see our office space virtual tours of executive suite and coworking spaces live at:

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