What Will the Office Space of the Future be Like?

Technology is changing the world we live in and the way we work. It is allowing much more flexibility in where and how we work. The Millennial, Gen X and Gen Y generations, now in the workforce,  have grown up in the digital age and have very different work / life requirements that have been developed from their upbringing; understanding that it does not mater where you are to do whatever it may be you want to do. Much of their communications is by text messaging or Facebook. It is a very different world to them than it is to the Baby Boomers. With 4 generations in the workplace, office design and employee management is a challenge

The San Francisco tech industry, laden with a younger workforce, has been leading the way with the “Office Space of the Future.” Very often you will see no private offices, only a few desks, but lots of collaboration spaces and quiet zones in one of their offices. The result is a happier and more productive workforce with savings in the amount of office space needed, energy and money.

In other words the office of the future will  be an agile workplace. One that is constantly changing, adjusting and responding to organizational needs. It will require a dynamic relationship between employees, management, work and the workplace as well how work productivity gets measured.

Interesting video at:
What Will the Office of the Future Look Like?: Video – Bloomberg.

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The 21st Century Office Space (2006 but still relevant)