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New, innovative businesses looking for Seattle office space sometimes are unable to get off the ground for the most old-fashioned of reasons. Leaders with innovative ideas are usually focused only on the ideas, rather than recognizing the importance of the nuts and bolts of setting up an office, paying the bills, and otherwise creating a container in which that innovative idea can grow and catch on. This is a large part of the reason why the McKinstry Innovation Center exists; its mix of established and newborn companies allows for cross-fertilization and the sharing of knowledge, and experience. Here are some additional reasons why the McKinstry Innovation Center is a great Seattle office space for the development of Clean Tech, Education, High Tech and Life Sciences innovation:

  • They have flexible Seattle office space, shared conference rooms of different sizes, and a fully equipped copying and production center (Also in Portland and Spokane)
  • They also have shop space for developing prototypes
  • They also have mock-up demonstration platforms which allow for testing those prototypes
  • You can develop your body as well as your product, with a wellness center that has both cardio and weights, lockers and showers
  • In addition to the usual kitchenette and coffee bar, they have a wine bar for those more casual conversations where much of the real sharing happens
  • They also have built into their campus other ways to relax, including a rooftop driving range to help you keep your edge for those important golf outings with potential investors. There is also a fireside grill and dining area
  • Official mentoring and consulting services are available for when the informal transfer of knowledge is not enough
  • As your company grows, it’s easy to expand your presence within the Innovation Center. You don’t have to go hunting for new office space as you become more successful

So if your grand idea concerns Clean Tech, Education, High Tech and Life Sciences innovation, the McKinstry Innovation Center would be a great resource. If you’ve got a great idea in another field, contact us today to learn what great office spaces we can find where you can grow and thrive!

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By: James Osgood