Office Space in Dallas With Stellar Interiors

When it comes to office space in Dallas and the Fort Worth area, there are plenty of innovative architectural buildings to admire. What’s less often seen by the public are the innovative office space interiors in those buildings. Today we want to share with you some bright and interesting features of two great Dallas office spaces.

Publicis Dallas

This advertising and branding agency recognized the importance of collaboration in their industry and created a single, unified space that runs the entire length of the building, much of which is also three stories high. Light streams in from floor-to-ceiling windows, and window seats create ad-hoc workspaces for those who want to get closer to the light. Lamps are strategically placed for working on darker days or later hours.

For larger meetings and teaching moments, they’ve created a set of light oaken bleachers, while brainstorming and meetings take place in war-room “yurts.” Open workstations run the entire length of the office space, and an always-active “media tunnel” is the figurative backbone of the office, displaying live video feeds at all times. Recycled materials, eco-friendly paint and motion-sensor lights are some of the environmentally friendly aspects of this modern, energetic workspace. See their video about their office space.


This credit information company designed its workspace with opportunities for connection in mind. They created a central area, called the Experian Circle, and all hallways end there. There is an abundance of group seating areas, with couches, comfortable chairs, and curved seating banquettes to encourage casual conversations and informal meetings.

Light is a particular focus in Experian’s offices, since many of the work areas have no windows or natural light. To compensate, false windows, which double as seating nooks, were created with hidden light fixtures that mimic natural light. Recessed lighting also highlights the textures and various patterns and soft colors of the wall coverings and paint which brighten these gathering spaces.

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By: James Osgood